Book Review Policy

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Chick Lit Cafe has been reviewing and successfully promoting books of all genres since 2007.

General Book Review Submissions and Guidelines:

We accept book review submissions for all genres. Considerations for our services for reviews of books and novels are assessed and based on the following: literary value and worth, quality of the book cover and the effectiveness of the book description. We only approve books if we fully believe they will do well in today’s book market. Our book reviews, promotions and advertisements are always positive because we only choose those books which will have the best potential reading experience for readers.

Along with your hard work and great book, sales start with a professional marketable review.

Excellent book reviews are vital to an author’s success. They play a strong role in their overall marketing and book sales success. Use our review for all of your marketing avenues, including your Amazon editorial reviews, your website, in your newsletters, on your book cover and for all of  your online marketing strategies and platforms.

Chick Lit Cafe writes powerful, captivating and compelling book reviews. Along with our professional writers bringing out the best of your book, we use strong power words to create excitement, interest and a desire to read the book.

We will also help market your book, get it into reader’s hands, increase your author visibility and ultimately help you sell more books. With our built-in marketing technology our authors experience a high rate of overall success !

But, it all starts with an incredible review. You need quality professional book reviews to sell more books.

Join other new and established authors that trust “Chick Lit Cafe” to write an excellent powerful professional book review.

We understand that you have poured your heart and soul into your writing. Therefore, we take extra time and care to write you a captivating, special review that you will be thrilled and proud of and make your book shine. We will publish your review across the internet.                                                   Contact Us for Pricing
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Book Review with Full Promotion

Chick Lit Cafe will also post your book and review to several online magazines, book clubs, book blogs and book related sites that we are respected contributing writers for. We will run a blog tour for your book and review. All with plenty of purchase links.

Chick Lit Cafe will post your book and review on all of your booksellers websites, prominent and popular book and reader websites, magazines/news sites and reading groups, clubs and lists including, but not limited to Goodreads.

We also promote and market our authors books across all of our multiple social media platforms where we have numerous profiles and dedicated followers who are avid readers.

To Find Out Exactly what Chick Lit Cafe does to market your book with a “targeted” effective marketing campaign that will get you results and increase your sales and author visibility and improve your author platform, please visit our “Book Promotion” page here

With our built-in marketing technology our authors experience a high rate of overall success !

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Although we appreciate every author and book submission that comes in, and would love to help each and every author who contacts us, we must remain very selective and only qualify authors and their books that we believe have real potential and will do very well in today’s book market, while giving readers an extraordinary reading experience. We receive numerous daily book review and promotion submission, yet approve very few. If you really believe in your book, we would love to hear from you.




We hope to hear from you soon.

We stick to ethical and honest reviewing in keeping with the standards of the writing community.


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