Ellipsis – Creators of Six #1 – Book Review

by Jacob White
Genres: Fantasy
Format: Kindle, Paperback
Alt="ellipsis"Ellipsis – Creators of Six #1 by Jacob L. White

Synopsis of Ellipsis Creators of Six Book One

“Remember that actions have consequences, boy.”

Weaver Rizer was born in the capital city of Ellipsis. Due to his father’s unexpected death years ago, Weaver and his mother are left to run a brothel in his place. With no warning, Weaver’s Mother dies just as his father had. However, on her deathbed, she gifts Weaver a secret his family has hid going back generations, a creator’s stone. The only downside—it is now embedded into his skin and draining his life force as well.

All the experiences and trials Weaver faces, lead him to the truth. He is only meant to deliver the stone to another. But nothing works as it should. He must travel across Ellipsis, towards a rebellion that might hold the person he searches for. With the help of mages, princes, a new-found love and childhood friends, he attempts to keep a vengeful god from waking.

As Weaver sees his goal within reach, the god of Ellipsis himself gives Weaver a warning. Every step he takes is one step closer to his death.


Ellipsis Creators of Six is a fabulous fantasy written by a talented newcomer to the writing world. I was amazed at how well this book is written. Everything from the characters to the plot is well thought out and well developed.

The protagonist, Weaver, is a likable character that must fulfill his destiny while managing to avoid waking a sleeping god. To deliver the creator’s stone his dying mother gave to him, is his main focus. But the stone is embedded in his skin and draining his life force.

Through much danger, turmoil and emotion, Weaver forges ahead with help from his friends, mages, princes and a new love. Every step Weaver takes, he puts himself in danger. But he must keep traveling across Ellipsis to order to find the person he is searching for. All a while he would give his own life to protect his friends.

The idea for Ellipsis Creators of Six is genius. Jacob White’s imagination goes beyond anything I have read in a long time.
He has written a unique and creative fantasy story that will keep readers engaged and enthralled. I couldn’t put Ellipsis down. It held me captive throughout.

The character development is excellent. Each character is multifaceted, extremely likeable and interesting. Their personalities really shine through. There are a few unlikable characters which makes the story full and intense.

Clearly, the author cares about his characters and puts a lot of work and thought into them. They are deep and fully developed.

I found myself really pulling for Weaver and fully captivated by his life and the storyline.

The plot is original and clever. It is unique to its genre and I loved it!

It is full, rich and meaningful. Jacob White uses words and phrases to create a beautiful, vivid and magical world.

This is a very satisfying read. It starts out at a steady pace, then picks up to a full exciting speed.

It is well written and polished. The reader will never guess that this story is written by a first time novelist…it’s that good.

The ending is exciting with a real cliffhanger that has kept me wanting more. I’m totally looking forward to the next installment of Ellipsis- Creators of Six

I highly recommend this exciting, original fantasy novel that, I’m positive, will fully the capture the reader’s heart.

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