Michael J DiPinto – The Bridge Monster

by Michael J DiPinto
Genres: Children, Humorous, Monsters
Format: Hard Cover, Paperback

Alt="michael j dipinto"The Bridge Monster by Michael J DiPinto

What is living under the bridge? A monster you say? He will not eat you, he is only curious, little mischievous and shy. He is looking for a friend, someone to help put a smile on his face


The bridge monster lives under the bridge. He is a nice monster and would do no harm to anyone.

He is smart, shy, and curious, and just a little bit of a rascal.  No one has seen the bridge monster, but all know he’s there. When the cars drive over, he growls. He sometimes tries to grab the tires of the cars passing over and tries to shake the car. Sometimes he growls loud and shakes the bridge really hard. The boaters look up to see if they can see him when their passing under the bridge. He won’t relent, he’s always trying to get attention. He is smart because he knows when the bridge tender is going to raise the bridge. He is brave and feisty and will ride up as the bridge is rising to sneak a peek at the cars and people. He just wants to make friends and wave at the passersby.

The Bridge Monster by Michael J DiPinto is a sweet short story for young children. It teaches kids not to be afraid of riding over bridges in the car. That the noises are nothing to be afraid of and the rattling is not going to hurt them. Most young children are afraid of things like riding over bridges. The sounds and rattling scares them. Some may literally think there is a monster under the bridge. Their minds are young and they don’t comprehend what is happening.

So, Michael J DiPinto has composed a cute story about a good and kind monster that lives under the bridge. One that is playful and curious about the kids in the cars. The fact that the monster is nice and loving helps kids to realize that they don’t have to worry about such things that shake and rattle loud.

The Bridge Monster is a perfect story for young children who tend to be afraid of such things. It is perfect for all young readers too. The words are short and easy to read. The book isn’t too long, which helps with young children and readers that have short attention spans. The illustrations are charming and simple. I love the pictures. They remind me of yesteryear, being a little old fashioned in appearance. It’s just a charming all around book and story.

I read The Bridge Monster to my granddaughters and they were so intrigued. They are young and are afraid of things like the vacuum cleaner. I could see their little minds ticking away and thinking about the story and plot. “He’s a good monster and the bridge is fun,” my granddaughter said. They were delighted to know that there are good monsters too. This book really had a good influence and meaning to them. They laughed and pointed at the pictures. They loved it!

The Bridge Monster by Michael J DiPinto is a wonderful engaging children’s book. My children loved it and I’m sure yours will too.

Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends The Bridge Monster.

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