Unrequited Guilt by Kim Praser – Book Review

by Kim Praser
Genres: Contemporary, Drama, Inspirational
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="unrequited guilt"Unrequited Guilt by Kim Praser

Seventeen-year-old Amber Malley’s suicide sparks the depression that has been buried within teacher Kristen Hunter. The single mother of two struggles to cope with the loss of this student while coming to terms with her failed marriage that she denies to acknowledge.

Not only does Kristen work through her depression, Kristen’s father, Paul, deals with the rejection he received from his mother as a child, along with the deaths of his best friend and wife. Amber’s mother, Mary Alice, ignores the truth behind her daughter’s death; instead, she decides to sue Kristen who encourages the composition of Amber’s suicide note. Within weeks of Amber’s death, another student, Brian, commits suicide by walking into a train as a result of rejecting his father’s new marriage.

How will Kristen handle the guilt she feels contributes to these situations? To what degree does she hold herself responsible?


Kristen Hunter is a single mother of two and a high school teacher. Kristen is in denial when it comes to her failed marriage. When one of her students, seventeen year old Amber Malley, commits suicide, it sends Kristen spiraling into depression. Her failed marriage and the horror of her student’s suicide is too much for her to handle.

Kristen must also deal with her own father’s depression and issues due to his own childhood and the deaths of his best friend and his wife.

To top it all off, young Amber Malley’s mother, Mary Alice, refuses to believe the truth behind her daughter’s suicide, and decides to put the blame on Kristen. Mary Alice decides to sue Kristen for Amber’s death because she believes that Kristen encouraged the composition of Amber’s suicide note.

Then if things aren’t bad enough, another student commits suicide. Kristen is overwhelmed with depression and now she is ridden with guilt. Is Kristen somehow responsible for the suicides and deaths of the two young students? That is the question that bombards her mind continually. Will Kristen be able to overcome the depression and come to terms with the guilt that she feels? Will her life continue to spin out of control? Or will she be victorious in the end?

Unrequited Guilt is a phenomenal story of one woman’s unexpected twists and turns in life that result in tragedy and a life filled with depression, guilt and mental torment. How far should Kristen go in holding herself responsible for the deaths of these children? The guilt she feels is unfounded, but she struggles terribly with that and the other issues in her life.

Author, Kim Praser has composed a poignant, compelling and engaging novel that I was unable to put down. I was drawn in right from the beginning and fully occupied throughout. Unrequited Guilt is a real tearjerker filled with raw emotion, hope and inspiration. The storyline is highly imaginative, unique and creative. It is realistic and relatable. Kim Praser encourages the reader to allow themselves to have deep feelings and compassion as she paints the human condition like a portrait. This is a beautiful story that readers will not soon forget. I was touched deeply.

The characters are very well developed and woven into the storyline with meaning and carefulness. Much thought was put into the characters. They grow and evolve beautifully throughout the story. The plot and storyline is like a beautiful tapestry that captivates the reader and won’t let go. Unrequited Guilt is a novel well worth reading and one that readers will relate to on one level or another. The ending does not disappoint. I loved the satisfying finish. This is one that I could and would read again.

Praise for Kim Praser’s Unrequited Guilt a 5 Star Novel.

Reviewed by Chick Lit Cafe

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