Lucinda Stein – Minnie’s Antique & Curiosity Shoppe

by Lucinda Stein
Genres: Contemporary, women's fiction
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="lucinda stein"Minnie’s Antique & Curiosity Shoppe by Lucinda Stein


When you least expect it, life can turn upside down! With a suitcase in each hand, Liza Murphy stares at the display window that touts Minnie’s Antique and Curiosity Shoppe. After growing up in the back of a secondhand store—where her graduation reception was advertised to the public, Liza swore she’d never return. But twenty-three-year-old Liza has lost all sense of direction after her divorce. Her mother, Minnie, a product of the hippie era, now resides in an antique store, her eccentricity known to all in the small Midwestern town. To Liza’s chagrin, she’s once again living in a store. When a toddler is abandoned among the antiques, Liza takes in the child she calls Sweetie, hoping the young woman who left her will return. Liza soon finds her priorities change. She falls in love with the child and refuses to report Sweetie to the authorities. When the young woman who abandoned the child returns a year later, Liza is forced to make a decision—give up Sweetie or go on the run.


Heartwarming, engaging and compelling!

Liza Murphy is excited to leave home and leave her eccentric dominating mother. Her mother owns and lives in her antique shop called Minnie’s Antique and Curiosity Shoppe. Liza moves to the city with determination to make it and never to return to the small town where she grew up. There she meets a man and falls in love and marries. But her marriage to cheating Taylor, doesn’t last long and Liza finds herself broke and busted. She is forced to move right back to where she started…Minnie’s Antique and Curiosity Shoppe. There Liza must face up to her past, learn to forgive and plan a new future.

But then a surprise comes knocking at her doorstep in the form of an abandoned toddler. Lisa takes it upon herself to become a mother to the child, for a while. After sometime, Liza falls in love with the child and on purpose fails to report the missing child to the authorities. After about a year, a young woman returns to claim her child. Liza, unwilling to give the child up, must make a decision whether to break the law and run for it, or turn the child over to the young woman. But it isn’t such an easy choice because she feels she must do what’s best for the child too. Liza feels she has a second chance with this young child. What will she do?

Lucinda Stein has written a beautiful story of one woman’s struggles in life, only to find that there is hope in having a good life no matter how unexpected. It’s a story of second chances and salvation.

Minnie’s Antique and Curiosity Shoppe by Lucinda Stein is a heartwarming story filled with many of life’s trials but also life’s celebrations. The storyline is definitely unique and different in such a good way. I couldn’t put it down and turned the pages quickly to find out what would happen next. There are many surprises that are unexpected, which keeps the reader’s interest peaked.

The eccentric characters have unique personalities and are extremely well developed. They are all well fleshed out and detailed. Readers will love the characters as there is much persona put into them. They are very relatable. Although, the plot is somewhat unexpected and different, it is very relatable and enjoyable. It is engaging, captivating and absorbing.

Lucinda Stein is a magnificent, superb writer with words that flow off the page. Minnie’s Antique and Curiosity Shoppe is a creative story and beautifully written. It is a real page turner and a book that I recommend to all women readers. It is very enjoyable, moving and touching. Readers will be cheering for Liza as she struggles to keep the toddler she calls “Sweetie.” You must pick up a copy of this book to find out what transpires and to find out if Liza gets to keep the child in the end. The ending is very good and satisfying, you won’t be let down.

Chick Lit Cafe gives Minnie’s Antique and Curiosity Shoppe a big 5 stars!

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