All The Wrong Places by Jerilee Kaye

All The Wrong Places by Jerilee Kaye
Series: Destiny's Games

on June 16, 2019
Genres: College Romance, Contemporary Romance, Mysterious, New Adult
Pages: 578
Format: Kindle
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All the Wrong Places: Sometimes Destiny Likes to Play… (Destiny’s Games Book 2) by Jerilee Kaye


From Jerilee Kaye, author of best-selling novel “Knight in Shining Suit”, comes the spin-off of the top-grossing interactive story, “All the Wrong Reasons”. One last adventure. That was all Julianne wanted. One last trip to escape the pressures of an arranged marriage to a man she doesn’t love and doesn’t even like. One last time to experience freedom… to go wherever she wanted to go, to be anyone she wanted to be. On her last two weeks in Paris, she met someone unexpected—aspiring painter, Jas Mathieu. He was as handsome as hell, and as sweet as heaven. He captured her heart, lit her fire and consumed her soul. She wanted to give Jas every part of herself, but she was already promised to a powerful man who could easily ruin the simple life of the guy she fell in love with. Terrified of what her father and fiancé could do to Jas if she stayed with him, she fled Paris and left him behind—with no real information about herself, not even her real name. Little did she know, that the passionate night they spent together would be the cause of her broken engagement and would change her life forever. Seven years later, after her father stripped her of her heiress title and privileges, she crossed paths with Jas Mathieu once again. And this time, she found out that he wasn’t exactly the struggling artist she thought he was. And he was no stranger to the family and social circle she belonged to. It turned out that years ago, when they met… she wasn’t the only one keeping secrets.


All The Wrong Places by Jerilee Kaye is a beautiful romantic love story with thought-provoking, well-conceived, relatable characters and an interesting, fluent and memorable plot.

Julianne, is a beautiful and amorous woman, longing for a last liberation to free herself from the mental stresses and hopeless fact that she is being forced to marry someone she doesn’t know or love. She needs to go and find herself – whoever that may be. Along her trip, she meets a mysterious man and becomes entranced by his artistic charm, sweet demeanor and his striking good looks. Julianne swoons over this man, Jas. His paintings reveal that he is tremendously talented, and his natural sense of putting her at ease is comforting – to say the least. But, she is engaged to a powerful man, and that man along with Julianne’s family could prove to be harmful to Jas, so Julianne flees. Years later, Julianne meets up with Jas again. Only this time she faces many revelations, and buried secrets are exposed. All The Wrong Places by Jerilee Kaye is a wonderful and mysterious story. Driven by well-developed characters, their relationships, unique situations and dialog, readers will experience a perfect romance story filled with passion and secrets. It is a beautiful love story with themes which readers will totally relate to. Discovering and struggling for love, receiving help from others and being true to yourself while believing in yourself are all major issues throughout this one-of-kind romance and love story. Jerilee Kaye’s expressive writing style had me on the scene watching on as the story flawlessly progressed and unfolded. This is one story in which I truly connected with the characters. The author spent a lot of time creating characters that readers will come to know and love.

With the storyline and plot twists, along with the swoony type romance and remarkable characters, All The Wrong Places by Jerilee Kaye stands at the top of the list for “must reads” in the romance genre. I couldn’t put it down, turning the pages quickly to find out what would happen next. All The Wrong Places is truly a remarkable story, skillfully written and highly recommended.

Reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Chick Lit Café

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