The Gender of Debt The Last 50000 Years by Mariano Pavanello

The Gender of Debt The Last 50000 Years by Mariano Pavanello
Published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing on June 1, 2019
Genres: Academia Studies, Anthropology Studies, Educational, Gender Economics, Psychology Nonfiction, Sociology, Women's Studies
Pages: 172
Format: Hard Cover
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The Gender of Debt The Last 50000 Years by Mariano Pavanello


This book demonstrates, from a historical and an economic point of view, how the female contribution has been so determinant in the success of our species, and how it is linked to male dominance. Male hunting and female gathering were the two forces of production during 99% of the life of mankind on Earth. Ethnographic evidence shows that female gathering is more productive and less time-consuming than male hunting. Therefore, the prehistoric communities of Homo sapiens could manage their social labor-time in the most productive way, only if women lent their time to men through the supply of basic energy: a debt that men incurred since the dawn of history, but never acknowledged. It is time now to give the gender economic relations the crucial place they deserve in a theory of human cooperation and sociality, without forgetting that it is necessarily a theory of social inequality.


Author, Mariano Pavanello goes to great lengths to prepare you for understanding his cleverly researched and documented book, The Gender of Debt: The Last 50,000 Years.

From answering the question: What is debt, to stretching back 50,000 years to gender debt in the Garden of Eden and the myths surrounding this proposition. He then weaves you through time to the present not missing a step-in history, or the transitional evolution of humans. The book is well-cited and links the findings of highly respected research studies specific to the topic. Pavanello presents definitions and tables for easy references and comprehension of the subject matter.

The Gender of Debt pinpoints the contribution of women in the development of modern mankind through the ages with their knowledge of the vegetal realm. And, further extorts how male dominance became a factor, an inequitable trade for women. To clarify this hypothesis, research shows there is a striking similarity between labor-time allocation and energy production between men and women. The analysis revealed that men do not work harder than women, or that women worked less than men. In some global societies, women had additional fundamental and exhausting tasks while the men spent time with technological duties – creating or repairing huts, and weapons and spending time resting or socializing among their group.

The male debt, or the sexual division of labor and food sharing exchanges are noted and debated in the casting of the original affluent society. The interdependence of hunting and gathering – male and female roles, questions male dominance and reciprocity as the demand and supply of labor is required for mankind’s existence and evolution.

The Gender of Debt: The Last 50,000 Years by Mariano Pavanello is an excellent textbook choice for studies in anthropology, sociology, psychology, and particularly women’s studies. This book should be recommended reading at the university level, if not listed as a class textbook. The discourse would make a lively classroom discussion and deliver exciting essay material. For those wishing to learn the historical and economic journey of women, and the roles male’s play in the outcome of our society, The Gender of Debt is a must-read. Highly recommended. by Chick Lit Cafe Book & Reviews
Reviewed by CJ Bowen for CLC

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