While She Was Gone by Molly O’Connor

While She Was Gone by Molly O'Connor
Published by Totalrecall Publications on March 12 2019
Genres: Abuse Story, Inspirational Fiction, Romantic Suspense, women's fiction
Pages: 244
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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While She Was Gone by Molly O’Connor


Stacey is forced to make a decision that no mother should ever have to make. She walks away from her home, her husband and three beloved children intending to be away seven months. Nothing prepares her for what happens to keep her away for seven years. When she returns, she is torn between two lives.

While She Was Gone is a fast paced novel that takes the reader on a journey with Stacey Martin. The story starts in Ottawa then moves to Sudbury and district. The reader follows Stacey as she encounters life changing occurrences, local folk lore, a major environmental disaster and takes you on an emotional roller-coaster. The reader will meet colorful characters and visit unusual places. The book can bring the reader to tears, anger and laughter.


In Molly O’Connor’s heart-warming, captivating novel, While She Was Gone, a mother leaves her husband and three children intending to be away only for some months but years go by before she makes the trip back to her children.

Driven by the need to prove her husband wrong and make him respect her, a distressed Stacey packs her things and leaves what she treasures the most, her children. Though heartbroken and uncertain, Stacey masters all her strength to leave Ottawa for Sudbury. She changes her name, pushes her past and her husband’s demeaning words behind her, but the memory of her children stays with her. In Sudbury, she furthers her education and when she finally makes up her mind to go back home, something unexpected happens which derails her plans for seven years. When she finally goes back to Ottawa, she goes as an independent successful woman, a sharp contrast to the frightened woman who left home years before.

As the main character, Stacey Martin goes through a progressive transformation. Her personal journey is uplifting, especially to women who suffer or have suffered from emotional abuse. The work candidly reveals Stacey’s innermost thoughts, showing the conflict within her as she struggles to choose between leaving home and the desire to become the person she believes she can be. Randy, as the antagonist, is effectively portrayed from his abusive attitude to his inability to see his flaws. The work’s pace remains steady as it follows Stacey’s growth through the years. Stacey’s courage to follow her dreams despite the challenges she faces is inspiring. The characters are remarkable, well developed and very relatable.

While She Was Gone by Molly O’Connor is a well-written, powerful, must read novel that uses a determined main character to examine emotional abuse and its effects, while remaining encouraging. Chick Lit Café highly recommends this 5 star novel.
Reviewed by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Café

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