Jack Solar’s Journal: January 3008 by Natasha Murray

Jack Solar's Journal: January 3008 by Natasha Murray
Published by Natasha Murray; PublishDrive on Jan 31, 2019
Genres: Adventure, Children, Fantasy, Kid's Lit, Science Fiction, Superhero Action, Young Adult
Pages: 172
Format: Kindle, Paperback
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Jack Solar’s Journal: January 3008 by Natasha Murray

The year is 3008. Jack Solar, a brave 12 year-old boy, became a war hero in 3006 during the invasion of London.

Having escaped the Welsh wilderness, Jack has to conform and go to school in London, like other children his age. He is given an old tablet to use for his lessons and decides to keep a journal about his life. He records the bizarre things that happen to him, proving that he, Jack Solar, does and did exist.

He soon discovers that his tablet has a unique property – when he draws on it, his sketches come alive!

Jack gets involved in some wild situations and draws super-heroes and crazy machines to help him. His friends believe that he has carried out the heroic deeds himself – maybe he has!

Things do not always go to plan and Jack has to make some life changing decisions!


This is a rock star creation and compelling read for science fiction and fantasy lovers. Jack Solar’s Journal: January 3008 by Natasha Murray is a children’s book recommended for ages 8-12. It is an amazing Sci-Fi that pays homage to the past, then leads you to 12-year old Jack Solar’s adventures during January 3008. From over-sized creepy-crawly out-of-this-world creatures to superheroes, you’re in for an adventure.

This is a story about Jack Solar’s journey while adapting to his new catastrophic world in London. He then improvises to make it a better place. Along the way, he has plenty of hits and misses but none that a superhero couldn’t defeat with the right aim, or could he?

Jack Solar’s world changed when the shield evaporated keeping London separated from the surrounding wilderness and its inhabitants called wasters. Taken in by a family after his own died, he was now part Londoner and waster and had much to learn. He recorded his journey on a tablet that had magical powers. And, that’s where his bizarre adventures begin.

Murray captures your attention when introducing the main character, Jack Solar, and holds it through the chronology of the story. The character development beginning with Jack Solar, to the supporting roles, is explicit in detail. The emotional depth of the main character runs the course as he learns more about his surroundings and the possibilities of improvements for his new world.

The imagery is vivid and over-the-top in science fiction and fantasy creation. This colorful combination provides an incredible backdrop for the story and at times punctuates the scenes. For example, in describing the superpowers of the tablet.

From the formatting on the pages designed to look like Jack Solar’s journal to the creative maneuvering of his adventures from past to present, you’ll stay on the edge of your seat.

Author, Natasha Murray takes relics from the past and spear chunks them into a futuristic scenario with problematic outcomes for Jack Solar. You’ll want to read Jack Solar’s Journal: January 3008, an exciting adventure in one sitting. Well-done author, Natasha Murray! Highly recommended by Chick Lit Café! ~Book review by C.J. Bowen for Chick Lit Cafe Book Reviews.

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