Interview with Susan Day, editor Enthralled Magazine

Alt="interview with susan day"Interview with Susan Day, editor Enthralled Magazine. 

Hi Susan, and welcome. Where did you get the idea to start Enthralled Magazine?

I was part of a wonderful group of authors who wanted a place to share their experiences. There were a few different website-based options but they were clumsy and hard to navigate. After doing a lot of research and trials, I discovered the best approach was to use a dynamic and exciting program that allowed each page to appear like a real magazine. Enthralled readers simply flip the page like they might do for a real print magazine and there’s even a crease down the middle of the page.

I found websites were too clumsy, so my initial goal was to create an immersive experience while providing great quality. I wanted readers to treasure Enthralled for what it was, not just the great articles it contained.

Why did you pick the name, “Enthralled”?

Like many great Ideas, the name of the magazine came about late one night it was dark and stormy…


No, but it did come out of the blue. I was looking for a word that reflected the aim of every author and that would say something powerful about the magazine itself.

Is it not the role of an author to enthral? Regardless of genre, don’t authors want their work to enthral, engage, excite and captivate readers?

Also, I wanted readers of the magazine to be enthralled by it as a thing of beauty and wonder. I wanted the magazine to be a thing that would be treasured and something people would want to own.

That leads nicely on to my next question. The layout of Enthralled Magazine is modern and artistic. Why was that kind of layout chosen over a more traditional style?

I wanted to push the concept of traditional layouts and see what I could come up with. From a functional perspective, I was also aware that if the pages were cluttered with text, ads and images they would be hard to read on smaller screens.

To this end, I insisted that there be space – lovely, clean space that allowed the reader to breathe and remain calm. The space provides a break, a moments silence as it were, in between ideas and articles.

Add to that dynamic and vibrant images, and Enthralled creates an atmosphere of peace, as well as, excitement and entertainment. It depends upon how you read it.

What type of articles are included?

We publish articles that help inform authors and writers about the publishing industry, articles where other authors share their writing journeys, and ones that provide encouragement. We also want to highlight the best there is in the written word by sharing fiction stories and poems. Recently, we added a children’s section to help encourage and promote upcoming writers.

Enthralled is an online magazine. Will it become a print mag one day?

Creating an online magazine takes a lot of time and effort. Also, this is the first time I’ve put a magazine together and it’s quite challenging. Certainly, in the future a real print edition would be wonderful, but that could be a year or so away.

How long has Enthralled Magazine been going?

We are about to head into our third year of production. I took a few months off to concentrate on my university studies, but we are right back on track. To be honest, I missed it. I know that might sound strange, to miss a magazine, but there is something quite exciting and, dare I say ‘enthralling’, about creating a magazine. I couldn’t wait to get back to it.

How can readers subscribe?

Subscriptions have been reduced to over 50% for a year, so now’s the time to ensure readers don’t miss out. Subscriptions are only $8.90 and can be made here.

What do readers get for their subscription?

Subscribers get 12 issues, one per month, and any special editions that might be released. And, there are some exciting topics sitting on the drafting board, I promise. Most issues are over 60 pages with articles from all over the world. Not to mention, beautiful images and layout. Your readers are welcome to read our first edition here.

Do you accept advertising?

Yes, advertisers are most welcome but we don’t want the magazine being cluttered with too many ads. To that end, advertisers are hand-picked and a lot of work is put into ensuring their ad fits into the aesthetic qualities of the magazine.

If publishing companies, editors or authors wanting to advertise in Enthralled Magazine the rates have been cut to just $5 per month. It’s a pretty good deal but spaces are limited. There are many reasons why advertisers should promote their services in magazines because it is such a powerful, long-term way to reach clients. See here for more details.

Who writes the content for Enthralled?

We have over 25 different journalists and writers. Many authors also contribute and tell their story or share their pieces. Publishing in a magazine is a great way to reach a lot of potential clients. Enthralled has a collaborative approach. We want to support authors and help them get their work out there. We also want to help businesses supporting authors too. That’s why our subscription and advertising rates are so low – we want everyone to have access to the excellent material on offer.

If an author or writer wants to contribute where should they send their work?

That’s easy. We have a special online form they can fill out. They can also contact our editorial department and see if their article is right for our audience. We are a friendly bunch who love to meet new authors – it’s an exciting industry to work in.

Thank you, Susan and good luck!

My pleasure. Thank you for having me ?

Enthralled Magazine was developed to give authors and writers a voice. Created and developed by Susan Day, graphic designer and author, Enthralled magazine is packed with articles, stories and poems, all of which were created to enthral and inspire.Alt="enthralled magazine chick lit cafe"Interview with Susan Day, editor Enthralled Magazine



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