Book Review for The Turning by Tiffany Kahapea

Alt="book review for the turning"Book Review for The Turning: Book 1 (The Bates Sisters) by Tiffany Kahapea

Book Review for The Turning: Book 1 (The Bates Sisters) by Tiffany Kahapea

One day, I’m normal Mary Bates, Chicago Sheriff. Living an ordinary life with my sisters. Until I wasn’t….Now, I’m Mary Bates, part of the fated six prophesied to save mankind. Mysterious magical powers? Check. Demons hunting me and my sisters? Check. Epic battle with the most powerful demon ever known? Double check. Absolutely no idea what the hell I’m doing? Triple check! Mary and her sisters are forced to deal with a series of disasters and drama. Having gone through “the turning,” the sisters become the most powerful humans on Earth. Learning to control their new powers is the least of their worries. Mary and her sisters discover that the turning triggered a centuries old prophecy. One that brought down the wrath of the Master to All. Now Mary and her sisters must adjust to a new life with magic while being hunted in a series of terrifying events. To make matters worse, they must accept help from an unlikely ally to succeed in fulfilling the prophecy. Who will die and who will survive? Most importantly, will they succeed? Find out how the strength, courage, resilience, and tenacity of the Bates sisters play out in their funny and action filled magical adventure.

Book review for The Turning:

With all the classic elements including a modern day female protagonist taking on mythological beings from a parallel magical world, and packed with gritty action The Turning by Tiffany Kahapea sits in ‘urban fantasy’ like a hand in a glove.

Six sisters try to get on with their lives after the unexpected death of their mother.  Two years pass and it feels like things have settled.  Holding down their day jobs, ranging from environmental ecologist, forensic officer, teacher, lawyer and sheriff, and living together in their family home, the sisters drift through life seemingly content and in no apparent rush for partners, or outside connections beyond their dear friend Rebecca.  That is until the Turning…

One night changes everything for all of them, and the peace of yesterday has gone forever.  Now their everyday titles have been overlaid with their supernatural gifts: Conjuring, illusion, healing, natural magic, necromancy and enchantment… and boy do they need them!  It turns out that Rebecca is a Seer, and she has a prophesy for them.  Mary and her sisters are destined to save Earth from demons.  They haven’t even had time to digest this life-shattering revelation before the first waves of demons come.  How do the demons keep finding them?  Do they have enough time to hone their new skills before the great battle arrives?  And should a dark stranger with more power than them be trusted?

The dynamics between the sisters is powerful and artfully portrayed.  One of the best parts that illustrate this for me was when Mary uses her illusion gift to create a bowling alley, so they can all get some R&R time in, right in-between life and death battles with demons, very cool.  The Turning by Tiffany Kahapea is kick-ass, high-action, page-turning and perfect for fans of paranormal and urban fantasies.  This comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book review written by T N Traynor for Chick Lit Café Book Reviews.

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