Whispered Wishes by Sue Lilley – Book Review

by Sue Lilley
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They’re living the dream. But dreams aren’t real life. And secrets can’t be hidden forever…How can sworn enemies bury their toxic past? With tragedy snapping at their heels, can they work together to find a missing child, before it’s too late? LUCAS: Ruthless celebrity photographer. Darling of reality TV. Clawed his way to the top from the wrong side of the tracks. Dupes Olivia and destroys everything she values. Now he’s clinging too close to the edge. OLIVIA: Workaholic. Humiliated by fame-hungry Lucas. Her tiny cottage is far from the luxury she’s used to. How will she cope with a neighbor like Nathan – as hostile as he’s hot? NATHAN: Reclusive millionaire in hiding. Fears for his motherless young daughter. New neighbor Olivia is a disaster waiting to happen. Yet he can’t get her out of his head. Lucas and Nathan have history. Old hurts run deep and trust is not on the agenda when Olivia is caught between them. Then Nathan’s worst nightmare comes true. His beloved daughter is missing. If you like your relationships fiery and unpredictable, you’ll love this much anticipated latest novel from Sue Lilley.

Book review:

Whispered Wishes by Sue Lilley is an entertaining, contemporary romance in the best sense, with a spicy love triangle, adventure, tragedy, redemption and a heroine who comes into her own.

Olivia Wilding is a woman who seems to have it all but after a steamy photo session with bad-boy celebrity photographer Lucas Jax, one unfortunate decision after another causes her well-ordered life to spiral out of control. With her heart and pride in tatters, Olivia decides that taking some time to heal at Willow Cottage, her newly purchased country home, is just what she needs. Unfortunately, things don’t go according to plan, and when she arrives she finds that her haven is actually a hovel in which her ruggedly handsome neighbor, Nathan Swift, would rather see her gone than living there. Fortunately, Olivia soon begins to fit in and the people of the village take Olivia under their wing. Just when she thinks that her life is beginning to get back on track, one complication after another crops up and her past comes back to haunt her with a vengeance. With guts, perseverance and the help of her friends, Olivia overcomes her setbacks, discovers strengths she didn’t know she possessed and achieves what she wants most in life.

Sue Lilley has created complex characters who, on the surface, appear to have everything in their lives sorted out. However, each has a secret or tragedy in their past that keeps coming back to haunt them. It makes you wonder how well you really know the people in your circle. These secrets keep you hooked and hungry to know more – will they be able to escape the bonds of the past? Can they move on to have the lives they really want? Will they find the missing child? How these events and secrets affect the connections that the characters build during the story creates a compelling backdrop to Olivia’s journey. I also enjoyed author, Sue Lilley’s vivid descriptive writing style, and that the village and surrounding countryside played such an important role in the storyline. Reconstruction of the historic buildings, mention of historical happenings, and local color added texture and realism to the story.

Whispered Wishes is the perfect read for those who enjoy a passionate, fast-paced escapade with plenty of twists, intrigue and suspense. As the character’s stories unfold, you’ll be swept along until the delightful conclusion! Chick Lit Café highly recommends Whispered Wishes by Sue Lilley. Book review written Diana Courtney-Smith for Chick Lit Café Book Reviews.

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