Book Review for Atonement by JL Rothstein

by JL Rothstein
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Atonement (Heaven Sent Book 1) by JL Rothstein

To Hell, this world is fractured and faithless, perfectly ripe for the picking. Sent by Heaven, Guardians defend against a malevolent onslaught of demonic intrusion. For hundreds of years the nine siblings of the O’Mara family have been engaged in this merciless battle, fighting to protect the souls of all humanity.Heaven and Hell have been waging this infernal war bound only by the rules of a contentious accord. On the anniversary of her husband Gabriel’s disappearance, Genevieve O’Mara’s lingering sorrow manifests into a murderous rage unfurled upon a demon. Vengeance is coming, not just for Genevieve, but for all those she loves.

Book review for Atonement:

The first in the Heaven Sent Series, Atonement by JL Rothstein is a fascinating Christian fantasy that follows a family of guardian angels, sent by heaven to maintain stability on earth.

Based in Boston, the O’Maras are a family of guardian angels fighting demonic forces whose aim is to infiltrate earth and overpower humans. In the first scene, Genevieve “Gen” O’Mara, one of the siblings, tracks down a roamer demon who is tormenting a vulnerable, distraught woman.  Following the outcome of the incident, Schlosser the demon vows to take revenge on Gen. Other heart-rending encounters follow between the nine siblings and the demons as things start to get out of hand. Michael O’ Mara, the leader of the guardians and Harry, the family’s Angel are taken by mysterious beings. The eight remaining siblings must learn to fight the growing demonic attacks while balancing the conflict with their personal lives.

Atonement is rife with powerful scenes that evoke excitement. The guardians are determined and set on their mission but the demons are vicious and fierce. The incorporation of the guardians’ personal lives such as Gen’s longing for the return of her husband or Deb’s uncertainty about Marcus, who she has feelings for, makes the novel even more captivating. The O’Maras are imaginable and likable protagonists. Each sibling has their distinct personality and disagreements in the family which arise on occasion. Their loyalty towards each other, however, remains their strongest weapon. The antagonists are also well-developed. There are different types of demonic entities, and internal conflicts exist between them which adds complexity to the overall conflict in the book. Gripping narrative, engaging characters and amazing descriptive writing makes Atonement a certain 5 star novel which readers will love and be fully captivated and entertained by.

Atonement (Heaven Sent Book 1) by JL Rothstein is an enthralling, intriguing and thrilling novel that features incredible characters, riveting scenes and an original imaginative plot. Atonement is highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book Review written by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Café Book Reviews.

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Book review for Atonement – Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Supernatural, Thriller

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