The Matchmaker and The Marine by Lucinda Race

by Lucinda Race
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Alt="the matchmaker and the marine"The Matchmaker and The Marine: It’s Just Coffee by Lucinda Race 

The Matchmaker and The Marine by Lucinda Race

She vowed never to date again. He swore he’d hide his handicap forever. Can undeniable chemistry overcome both their fears?

Widowed matchmaker Melinda Phillips wants everyone to experience the kind of love she lost. Though she’s committed to a lonely life, her skill at pairing perfect couples has her business thriving and her work in demand. But when she trips at a client’s wedding into the arms of a handsome Marine, she can’t help but feel that the falling has only just begun.

Adam Bell’s amputated leg is a crippling reminder of his war-torn past. So after his girlfriend rejected his new body and kicked him to the curb, he pledged to protect his heart as fiercely as he defended his country. But after a chivalrous rescue during a friend’s nuptials, he wonders if he’s given up on love too soon.

Hired to find Adam the woman of his dreams, Melinda is surprised to discover the ideal candidate is herself. But as their relationship blossoms, the tortured former serviceman believes his hidden disfigurement will cost him everything again.

Can two broken souls let go of their traumatic pasts to give happiness a second chance?

The Matchmaker and The Marine is an inspiring standalone romance novel. If you like rich backstories, learning to heal, and giving into dreamy temptation, then you’ll adore Lucinda Race’s sweet story.

Book review:

Set in the small shore town of Chester, Connecticut, The Matchmaker and The Marine: It’s Just Coffee by Lucinda Race, follows the lovely, emotional love story of a couple that meets under unexpected circumstances. Readers will love this touching and engaging 5 star romance novel!!!

Melinda Phillips, a former therapist now matchmaker in Chester, is still hurting from the death of her husband. Though she makes a living and is good at matching other people, Melinda has lost hope of ever moving on with someone else. To Melinda, she had her one chance and now she is comfortable, though not entirely happy, to be alone. Adam, a retired marine, signs up for her services. Like Melinda, he is struggling to move forward from the past. A devastating experience during his Marine Corps days and a broken relationship hold him back from dating. Adam and Melinda develop a heart-warming friendship but none is ready to move to the next step. Still, their connection is undeniable.

The Matchmaker and The Marine: It’s Just Coffee is set in a quaint town with a friendly community that serves as a perfect backdrop for a sweet blossoming love story. Though held back by their pasts, Melinda and Adam find comfort in each other. Their painful experiences are balanced by their light-hearted, sometimes humorous, relationship. Both are flawed as they have little hope for their love lives but as the story moves forward, they grow and learn to let go of their insecurities. A few revelations along the way further reveal the flaws of the characters and the power of forgiveness and understanding.  With beautiful descriptive writing and remarkable well-developed characters, Lucinda Race has woven a tapestry of rich narrative bringing readers an original, memorable and captivating story.

Lucinda Race’s The Matchmaker and The Marine: It’s Just Coffee is a wonderful must read novel. It’s a moving, realistic and relatable story as it incorporates touching heart-breaking losses and disappointments, yet inspires joyfulness, hope and growth.  Highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book review written by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Café Book Reviews.

“This story has all the feels” – Amazon reviewer

“Lucinda is the master of emotional romance with flawed characters who find the love they deserve” – Amazon reviewer

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