Meatballs & Microphones by Gregory Patrick Travers – Book Review

by Gregory Patrick Travers
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Meatballs & Microphones: A True Story About Small Kitchens and Big Dreams by Gregory Patrick Travers 

Being a cook and a rapper is hard work. Thankfully there are drugs to make it better.

They say out of all the aspiring rappers trying to make it, only 1% will ever find mainstream success. Gregory Patrick Travers pens a fiction-like memoir of the ups and downs of Vancouver rapper, joBlow. One of the 99% who didn’t. Set in the years 2010 to 2014, not only does the book give you a behind-the-scenes look at the world of underground hip hop and the politics of the chain restaurant industry, but it places you in the timeline of notable Canadian milestones like the 2011 Stanley Cup riots, the Occupy Movement, and the 2010 Olympics.

Meatballs & Microphones is a raw look into how one man’s chase for fame led to the destruction of every personal relationship he ever held dear. From bad band breakups to his struggle with addiction, to being homeless in order to pay for his tour expenses, this book lifts the veil of glamour surrounding fame and focuses on the hardships and downfalls that come with it.

“one of the most compelling, gripping novels I have read in a long time”- Amazon Review

Book review:

An incredible, raw and witty fictional memoir, Meatballs & Microphones: A True Story about Small Kitchens and Big Dreams by Gregory Patrick Travers documents an aspiring hip-hop artist’s journey as he sacrifices everything in the hope of achieving success and realizing his lifelong dream.

The memoir flows with realism and honesty. As a narrator, Travers is open about the struggles that the main character faces in the pursuit of his longings and goals. Frank alias joBlow moves from Ontario to Vancouver to make his hip-hop dreams a reality. He lands an entry-level job at a restaurant, hoping one day to make the switch and become a fulltime hip-hop artist. Frank forms a band with his roommates but a fierce argument later and an unexpected fallout forces him to strike out on his own.

While many books glamorize musicians’ journey to stardom and often end with the musicians achieving their dreams, Travers shows a realistic and truthful side of what it takes to achieve mainstream success in the hip hop music scene. Frank sacrifices everything. He leaves behind his family and girlfriend, works strenuous hours in demanding jobs, experiences homelessness, raps on the streets, and faces possible jail time. Despite his determination, Frank’s journey is blocked by one obstacle after another. Travers cleverly threads Franks’ entertaining music lines into the work. His music adds a light-hearted touch to the memoir. Comical scenes, funny conversations, and eccentric characters make the story even livelier and balance the saddening parts in the book.

Meatballs & Microphones by Gregory Patrick Travers is an authentic, humorous and entertaining depiction of a hip hop musician’s attempt at achieving mainstream success. Chick Lit Café highly recommends Meatballs & Microphones by Gregory Patrick Travers, a fascinating, emotional and inspiring true story!! Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Cafe Book Reviews.

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