Tales of Elhaanai by Nicole Thomas – Book Review

by Nicole Thomas
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He had the crown she wanted, she had the heir. Both were willing to give their all for what they wanted. Neither could have predicted the outcome.

Book review:

Tales of Elhaanai by Nicole Thomas is perfectly pitched for younger teenagers.  An adventurous fantasy and a promising start to a new incredible series.

Alanna Bear Claw is queen and a high priestess.  Married to King Kaison for twenty years, they are delighted when Alanna finally gets pregnant with their miracle baby.  The Oracle claims that their son will be a great king.  This is not good news to Kaison’s sister, Devona, who wants her own son David to become king.  As with all good fantasies there are wicked maneuvers that throw people’s lives upside down, scattering the main characters across the land of Elhaanai and building walls between good and evil.

Alric and Elainea are twins born to a humble widower, Wleia .  Their lives are happy and full of appreciation, especially for apple pie!  But on their 16th birthday Wleia must tell them of their destiny.  Magic flows through both of them, but that day they wake immersed in great power.  Wleia has no choice but to send them to an ancient Oracle who lives in the mountains, in the hope that he will be able to guide them.  They must be quick.  Devona’s son David has been given dark magic and the castle’s occupants live in fear.  After demanding to be made king, David orders his captain of the guard, Akronius to search for Alanna’s child.  The race is on.  The dark arts are spreading throughout the lands.  A fight for power has begun.

Nicole Thomas’s story-telling is crisp and clear.  Well written and easy-to-read.  It is perfect for older children and younger teenagers.  A very enjoyable Christian fantasy and I look forward to the next installment.  Sweet characters and a good plot make this novel enjoyable, and therefore Tales of Elhaanai by Nicole Thomas comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book Review by T N Traynor for Chick Lit café Books & Reviews.

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