Enigma by Violet Moon – Book Review

by Violet Moon
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Enigma: A Contemporary, Interracial Romance (Technicolor Love Book 1) by Violet Moon

“I remember him walking away that night, and the ring he left behind.”
Lex Linton asked Anne to marry him eight years ago and she hasn’t seen or heard from him since. She has given up all hope of ever being reunited with her lost love, when she receives an invitation from Linton Enterprises for an all-expense paid vacation at Enigma, the resort for puzzle lovers everywhere. Unable to resist a challenge, she accepts.
Lex is back, and more erotic than ever. But has the billionaire truly changed? Is a second chance in order? And can Anne resist his newfound sexiness, or will she drown in her desire?

Book review:

Enigma is a fast-paced romance novel that is perfect for today’s readers. It is edgy, fascinating and incredibly enjoyable. I found myself hanging on to every word wondering what was going to happen next due in part to the subject matter, but also to the clever way the author, Violet Moon skillfully crafted the book.

Our protagonists are Anne and Lex. Childhood sweethearts, they part on prom night and carry their unresolved angst with them for eight years until Anne receives an unusual invitation to a puzzle-lovers weekend. Unable to resist, her curiosity leads her right back into the arms of Lex.

It’s interesting to read how well matched the pair are and how they picked up where they had left off. Author, Violet Moon’s amazing descriptive storytelling ability perfectly depicts the stirring love the couple reignites. And it is this kind of writing style that grips the imagination and attention of the reader.

Enigma is a well-written book that uses language so well, that you’ll completely forget you’re reading a book and feel like the actions are being played out right in front of you. The conversations mirror the sorts of things we’ve all said, and are not pretentious or forced in anyway. We also hear the story from both Lex and Anne; the writer cleverly switching perspective and allowing the reader to hear both sides of the story.

Spending a passionate weekend with your true love in an exotic and exciting venue is the fantasy of many. But is it just that? Will Anne and Lex’s love for each other grow from pure lust into something that will stand the test of time? You’ll have to read through to the very end to find out. If you enjoy romance with steamy sex scenes, then you will really enjoy this mesmerizing love story. Enigma by Violet Moon come highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by Susan Day for Chick Lit Café Books, Reviews & Promotion.

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