Escape to Mountain Shadows by Audrey Flynn

by Audrey Flynn
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Chicago schoolteacher Lucy Shepherd has the world at her feet. Due to marry the ambitious politician Jason Palmer, in what promises to be the society wedding of the year, she is mere weeks away from joining the wealthy and powerful Palmer clan. But when she discovers that her fiancée has been sleeping with countless other women, Lucy exposes him online in a fit of anger. The repercussions are far, far worse then she could have imagined, and she is forced to flee for her safety.

On the other side of the world, she finds work at a small farm school on the centuries’ old Mountain Shadows wine estate in South Africa. Lucy and the estate’s owner Josh de Lange are fiercely drawn to one another. But the long shadow of Lucy’s past threatens their love. For there are powerful enemies on the other side of the world, the kind that refuse to let sleeping dogs lie.

Can the love between Josh and Lucy withstand the vengeance of the Palmers? When everything she holds dear is threatened, Lucy has a bitter choice to make…

Book review:

Escape to Mountain Shadows by Audrey Flynn is a fabulously compelling story full of drama, adventure, love and excitement.

In Escape to Mountain Shadows by Audrey Flynn, Lucy Shepherd unknowingly provokes a political dynasty that will do anything to destroy her and rebuild their public image after she exposes her fiancé and the family’s political heir. The novel employs a fast pace from the beginning as Lucy’s life takes drastic turns. To escape the vindictive Palmers, Lucy accepts a job in South Africa, in a community school located in the majestic Mountains Shadows Farm. In the isolation of the beautiful landscape which includes breath-taking orchards and vineyards, Lucy begins to find a sense of calm. Flynn’s knowledge of the wine industry shows as she covers the extensive wine production process, the industry’s economics, and the difficulties wineries face. Mountain Shadows Farm faces daunting challenges. After a costly and drawn-out legal suit, the de Langes who own the farm, are ready to move forward. Still, their malicious neighbors pose a continuous threat. Flynn creates a realistic and complex world where power and influence rule over justice. She develops a powerful antagonist who is willing to cross borders and use her influence to destroy Lucy. Victoria Palmer is the mastermind behind the formidable family and as soon as the political storm explodes, she forges a plan which involves intimidating Lucy and frustrating her family. Exciting plots are woven together in the novel. A romantic relationship develops between Lucy and the striking Josh de Lange amidst the chaos in Lucy’s life and the farm’s unnerving challenges. Despite her initial resistance, Lucy allows herself to fall in love again and find safety in the arms of Josh. As Lucy faces her past, Josh becomes a constant source of support.

Escape to Mountain Shadows by Audrey Flynn is a skillfully constructed novel that contains a complex romance story, expressive narration, beautiful scenery and intriguing characters developed in the backdrop of imaginable political and economic issues. Highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by Reviewed by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Café.

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