To the North by Evan Grove – Book Review

To the North by Evan Grove
Series: The Awakener

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The Awakener Book 1To the North by Evan Grove

Emily Lee wants nothing more than to live her life in peace, safe in the comfort of home with her father. But when he falls prey to dark magic, trapping him and countless others in a foreign land, she is forced to take action. Compelled only by the desire to save him, Emily travels to the northern nation of Odelia in search of a means to free her father from his terrible curse.

Lehksi Olent works as a private investigator, helping those uncover the truth that is often shrouded by a world of magic and mystery. Together with her brother, Marty, she now travels the Odelian countryside in pursuit of the growing unrest taking place within the heart of a country torn asunder by unseen forces.

When their paths converge, Emily and Lehksi’s lives will be forever changed. Two paths, one future. Be it for the good of all, or for a singular desire, the fate of Odelia lies within their choices. And should they prove lacking, the world of Oul might never be the same.

To the North is the first novel in The Awakener Duology, an urban fantasy that explores what it means to discover the dark truths of an unforgiving land. It takes place in an alternate reality set in a pre-digital world, one that is governed by magic and corporate influence. Two young women must navigate numerous challenges in order to protect what is important to them, but in doing so they will make discoveries that may drive a wedge between them.

Chick Lit Café Book Review

To the North by Evan Grove is a great addition to teen and young adult dark fantasy.  Great world-building, fantastical characters and jammed packed with magic, this is a page-turning fantasy must read!

What a great, action-packed fantasy this is.  The whole book is totally atmospheric.  From the snow-bound road in the beginning, all the way through to the end when the Miasma spills forth from the abyss, there is never a dull moment.  The story flies smoothly and quickly between the two main characters.  Emily is on a mission to find her dad, who has mysteriously disappeared – along with the whole of the capital Odelia.  Lehksi has been employed to find out what’s going on.  The two young women have kindred spirits, but are nothing alike.  Emily is an Elierean, although for some reason she has had her tail removed.  Lehksi is a Scriptor, a trained magician with powerful spells.  My favorite personality is Marty, a Haesees with cat-like features and blue fur.  He’s Lehksi’s adopted brother and Emily’s loyal traveling companion.  The two women have struggles to overcome and puzzles to solve, but behind them both is the shadow of a Shade, growing stronger, awaiting his moment to strike.  Marcus the blue giant is the most powerful Scriptor the Republic of Odelia has ever had, but has he remained behind his books for too long?  With a rich historical tapestry behind this new world, and with characters that are unique and engaging, this is a fantasy you won’t want to miss!

Evan Grove truly has a wonderful imagination.  Sometimes epic fantasies can be too complicated and hard to follow, but not so with To the North which is both easy-to-read and to follow.  There is a perfect balance to how many main characters there are, and each role is wonderfully different to each other and to other stories.  I absolutely loved the character descriptions and personalities.  To the North by Evan Grove is an incredible read and highly recommend by Chick Lit Café with a special recognition for an extraordinary book cover for To the North by Evan Grove!!

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