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Super by Grant Smits
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Homework, detention, and saving the world. For the brother of a Super, high school is anything but ordinary.

James Bolt is used to being saved. But when the Supers, and his brother, disappear without a trace, the powerless teenager must jump into action and be the hero he’s always wanted to be. As he searches for the secret of the Supers’ disappearance, James finds himself on a globetrotting adventure, chasing mysterious clues and ancient myths.

Super is the first book in a YA sci-fi action/adventure series. If you like fast-paced action, globetrotting adventure, and lighthearted humor, you’ll love this first installment in Grant Smits’ page-turning series. Pick up Super to discover this exciting new series today!

Chick Lit Café Book Review:

Step into a world of action and adventure.  Move over ‘The Goonies’ for here comes James Bolt, brother to the famous Bolt who is a Super, unlike his brother James doesn’t have powers, but he does have brains!   

The story starts off running, and hardly slows down.  Gripping and fast-paced from the off-set, this is an exciting book that young adults will not want to put down.  James Bolt is a normal, which means he doesn’t have any super powers, which suits him just fine – thank you very much.  His older brother Derek, however, is a Super and a member of the elite and small numbered group of people.  To hold James for ransom a few people have kidnapped him, but he’s always rescued by his hero, his brother.  I instantly liked James’ character when he was so nonplussed by his kidnappers, sure in the knowledge that his brother would once again, save the day.  James has always admired Derek, but when all the attention at James sixteenth birthday is focused on his brother he allows just a little resentment to kick in.  Little did he know that very soon his brother would disappear.  Something happens in New York and people are killed.  Could the Supers really have done it?  Is his brother now a criminal?  Pulling James out of his shock is his best friend Rocky, who turns out to be a great side-kick as well as a loyal and trusted friend.  What I loved about this action-packed adventure is that it isn’t the super-powers that save the day.  It is James, a normal young lad, who proves that love of your family and friends and courage are all you need to conquer obstacles and become the hero.  The quest to find the Chintamani Stone and save his brother, takes James and Derek out of America in search of the lost city of Jalung Phodrang.  With no resources and the SIA chasing them across the world, the two friends find themselves in difficult situations.  A really great action-adventure which will be enjoyed by everyone!

Grant Smits writing is clear and precise making it easy-to-read.  The pace is fabulously fast, perfect for teenagers, the characters extremely likeable and the plot clever.  Fans of Indiana Jones and The Goonies will love this.  Super by Grant Smits is a fun and gripping read that comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café.

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