Public Transportation: From the Tom Thumb Railroad to Hyperloop And Beyond by Paul Comfort 

Public Transportation: From the Tom Thumb Railroad to Hyperloop And Beyond by Paul Comfort
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Alt="public transportation from the tom thumb railroad"Public Transportation: From the Tom Thumb Railroad to Hyperloop And Beyond by Paul Comfort 

Inside the wonderful world of Public Transportation – Children discover its history, how public transportation has improved our world and what’s next! Beautifully illustrated pictures and fun facts will enthrall kids ages 5-15 with stories of how the first steam locomotive “Tom Thumb” lost its big race with a horse – when it broke down and how cable cars in San Francisco move up those steep hills.

Each page brings children to a different era and type of public mobility from horse drawn carriages to the first subways, buses, light rail vehicles and mag lev trains. Along the way they can picture themselves riding these fun vehicles and traveling to their destinations. Then children see how the future will be amazing with autonomous vehicles, Hyperloop and Vertical Take Off and Landing Aircraft (VTOL) shuttling them to a new age of public transportation.

Public/private schools and home schoolers can use this book as a way to introduce children to the important world of public transportation – its history, present and future. Share with your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews what you do for a living in public transportation – whether you work as a bus operator, mechanic or administrator. Using this book you can explain to them how to ride and use public transportation as a means of mobility or even a possible future career.

Book Review:

Invite your children to come take an interesting and intriguing journey through the amazing world of public transportation and the incredible advancements it has made throughout history in this colorful and comprehensive book! Public Transportation: From the Tom Thumb Railroad to Hyperloop and Beyond by Paul Comfort is a bright and brilliant guide that perfectly encompasses a full look into transportation and its origins. Full of facts and stocked with fascinating information, this book will grab every child’s attention and fill them with a plethora of knowledge about how public transportation first began. Readers of all ages will enjoy learning about the beginning of public transportation, like a horse drawn locomotive called The Tom Thumb Railroad along with the oldest subway in London. My first and third graders both delighted in the “Fun Fact” and “Did You Know” blurbs at the bottom of each wonderfully illustrated page that gives captivating bonus information on each topic. This book would be an excellent resource to use in a transportation unit study or for any homeschool or classroom bookshelf. 

The drawings in this book support the content very well with its vivid colors and detailed illustrations. It is easy to get a realistic view of what public transportation looked like at different moments in time and how they were adapted and used in society, like monorails and commuter trains for example. Public Transportation is educational, fun and enjoyable for every child and reader looking to expand their insight, imagination and knowledge on the latest and greatest advances in transportation technology and how far it has come. It also sheds light on what the future may hold for the next generation, like the Hyperloop train that is still being tested along with electrical air travel.

This is an outstanding and stunning book that brings life and relic along with accurate facts and information about public transportation while shining a nostalgic light on its history. I would highly recommend this book to all children and readers looking to greatly expand their knowledge of public transportation and the many intricate systems used throughout time and era. A thoroughly enjoyable book that dives deep into the exploration of all people moving machines. This must-have book will broaden all ages with the substance it has to offer. A very profound and enthusiastic thumbs up for this classic! Public Transportation from the Tom Thumb Railroad to Hyperloop and Beyond by Paul Comfort is an extraordinary book and comes highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews. Book reviewed by Beatrix Bloom for Artisan Book Reviews.

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