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All the Love in the Land, Alice by Joan R. Lisi
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More than a biography, this elegantly told story is a walk in history. Alice is an extraordinary woman, don’t miss her exceptional story!

In 1909, Alice embarks on her first adventure, leaving home and all she knows and loves for the thrill of university. She carries in her heart a secret, for she is in love with a man already promised to another. Determined to wait until Jerry is free to marry, Alice does two years at university, and then at the tender young age of twenty-four, leaves for a European tour. Alice becomes an acclaimed opera singer and a socialite. She marries and has two children her life is blessed, that is until the tide turns. Left to raise the children on her own, Alice doesn’t lose her passion for living life to the full. To give them a lifestyle she believes they deserve, she embarks on a number of business ventures in a world not accustomed to female entrepreneurs. Things cause her to stumble, but with determination and perseverance she keeps forging ahead determined to create her own destiny. The story of how she goes from this vibrant person to a woman who takes her own life, just three days before her son’s wedding, is tragic and compelling.

All the love in the Land, Alice is a unique and noteworthy story that will fill you with nostalgia for a way of life that has been lost forever. Through the depth of detail the author has taken, you will experience a stunning, cinematic tale of a woman with an indomitable spirit.

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All the Love in the Land, Alice is a granddaughter’s loving tribute to her fabulously interesting grandmother.  This exceptional book is a mixture of family letters, and imagined conversations between Joan and her grandmother, Alice.  As such, this is a historical treasure not to be missed.

When Joan received boxes at the death of her uncle John, she had no idea of the historical treasure chest she had just inherited.  Slowly, she would discover the life of her grandmother Alice, who had taken her own life just four days before her son’s wedding.  This biography has been lovingly and artfully composed.  Elegantly crafted with beautiful descriptions, the reader is taken on a journey, not only of Alice’s remarkable life of reinventing herself, but of a time of history that saw so much astonishing change.  What a life Alice had!  Her upbringing is somewhat normal, but when she is secretly betrothed to Jerry everything changes.  There is a sensitive matter that Jerry needs to attend to before he can marry Alice, so she is sent to university, and after that on a European tour – basically to keep her busy.  Jerry, maybe in guilt for making her wait, bends to her wishes and pays all the bills for her privileged lifestyle.  Is this the start of the end?  They do marry and have two children, John and Jane.  But a series of unfortunate events or maybe wrong decision making lead to a slow reduction in fortune.  Alice will go from happy, singing celebrity to a business woman of ill-fortune.  Was it the depression after WWI or was it simply not understanding her limitations?  

Joan Lisi’s writing is extraordinary and as smooth as butter, which results in a pleasurable easy-to-read novel.  Respectfully and carefully compiled letters, and interlinking sections where Joan has filled in missing gaps, this book is like a stroll through an art gallery, which is full of the most fascinating and beautiful paintings and artifacts.  All the Love in the Land, Alice by Joan R. Lisi is an epic tale and a stunning history lover’s dream, and comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. 

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