A Special Day: The Day Eid Met Christmas by Mahmoud Elzein

A Special Day: The Day Eid Met Christmas by Mahmoud Elzein
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Alt="a special day kids lit book cafe"A Special Day: The Day Eid Met Christmas by Mahmoud Elzein (Author), Rania Hasan (Illustrator)

Do you believe in magic, the magic of kindness?
One special year, Christmas and Eid fell on the same day. And on that special day, two girls, Eva and Aya, discovered a magical friendship through the spirit of giving. Their generous acts of kindness inspire children to think of others regardless of social backgrounds and beliefs.

Book Review

A Special Day by Mahmoud Elzein is an exciting and magical story about two young girls who are each celebrating two very different, very joyful and special holidays: Christmas and Eid (which happen to fall on the same day this year!) The girls cross paths while shopping for gifts.  It is in a special quiet moment in a broken elevator when they realize that the wonderful holiday season finds them both encompassing the blissful spirit of love and kindness. Eva’s heart is overwhelmed with joy, and Aya feels such happiness when the girls decide to give their gifts to less fortunate orphans who won’t be receiving any presents for the holiday season! What a wonderful and generous idea they have! The girls’ mothers are so proud of them and their acts of kindness! 

This lovely, heartwarming book delivers a sweet and inspiring story that is sure to touch the hearts and minds of every child! I read this book to my own elementary aged children and they absolutely loved and adored the newly budding friendship between the two girls, Eva and Aya. They were captivated by the vivid and colorful illustrations that sparkle bright and show such magnificent detail and care on every big and bold page.

A Special Day by Mahmoud Elzein is a perfect celebration and example of the soul’s eagerness and sense of contentment that is found when performing charitable acts of good deeds and kindness to others in need.  I highly recommend this delightful book to every one of all ages looking for a splendid story about the magic of giving and the wonderment of making new friendships that will last a lifetime! A Special Day by is a wonderful must read book for every child and a perfect addition to every family’s book collection! Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends A Special Day: The Day Eid Met Christmas by Mahmoud Elzein. Book reviewed  by Beatrix Bloom for Kids Lit Book Café.

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