Gameknight999 in Adopt Me meets Jailbreak by Mark Cheverton

Gameknight999 in Adopt Me meets Jailbreak: An Unofficial Adventure in Roblox by Mark Cheverton
Series: Gameknight999

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Alt="Gameknight999 in Adopt Me meets Jailbreak"Gameknight999 in Adopt Me meets Jailbreak: An Unofficial Adventure in Roblox by Mark Cheverton

Gameknight999 faces his fiercest battle yet in the latest adventure by New York Times bestselling author Mark Cheverton.

Some call Gameknight999 a nuisance, others a legend. The bullies at school would probably say he’s a nerd with a big mouth and a gift for walking into fists. But the one title Gameknight has always refused is hero.
A year ago, a freak technical glitch teleported him into the Minecraft universe, plunging him into many death-defying quests. But those days are over, and the gamer is ready to chill out and leave the world-saving stuff to the guys in capes and leggings. That is until his father’s crazy invention—the Digitizer—sends him hurtling through dimensions a second time, right into the ROBLOX Multiverse.
Gameknight swore he wouldn’t let it happen again, but how bad can it be? The platform is mostly for kids, and there isn’t a creeper or pillager in sight. Still, dark forces are at play, and when two games collide—Adopt Me, full of cute and cuddly animals, and Jailbreak, with its hardened criminals and deadly weapons—Gameknight is faced with furry, fluffy carnage, all led by a demon named Valafar. But what’s most disturbing is that this time, the demon’s presence and his terrible war against ROBLOX is all Gameknight’s fault.

The citizens of Roblox need a hero. Instead, they have Gameknight999.

Can Gameknight999 confront his fears and do what needs doing, or will he be destroyed within ROBLOX?

With nearly 2 million copies sold in the Gameknight999 Minecraft series of books, 8 – 13 year old readers worldwide have been enthralled by Gameknight’s quests. Each Roblox novel is a standalone.

Perfect for fans of the Last Kids on Earth, Hunger Games, and The Maze Runner series. Gameknight999 and the Ether Wraiths is a suspenseful tale of danger, bravery, sacrifice, and newfound friendship. Start reading today.

Mark Cheverton is a former high school teacher, who is now an internationally published New York Times bestselling author, with 24 novels on bookshelves worldwide.

 Chick Lit Café Book Review:

I really enjoyed Gameknight999 in Adopt Me meets Jailbreak: An Unofficial Adventure in Roblox by Mark Cheverton. An incredible, adventurous and entertaining fast-paced middle grade book. It had all the elements to engage a young reader and hold their attention right through to the very last page. The plot moves along quickly, and all the characters are super interesting. There’s a lot going on in this book, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. In truth, I had trouble putting it down.

Our protagonist, Tommy, transforms into GameKnight999 after one of his father’s inventions goes haywire and creates a technical hitch. This had happened before and our hero, although not pleased, tried to be prepared for what lay ahead, but how could he? He finds himself in the ROBLOX Multiverse game in a bizarre setting where he is continually beset with challenges and must search deep within to find solutions.

In this Multiverse, GameKnight999 soon meets Anna and the pair form an unusual alliance. GameKnight999 is quick thinking and streetwise, while Anna is gentle and compassionate. The pair are far from perfect, often finding themselves in some dire predicaments and struggling to know what to do, but that is what is most pleasant and relatable about them. They are wonderful role models because they aren’t perfect, teaching kids that if you persevere and hold high values, you can do well and have something worthwhile to offer your community.

This book utilizes two extremely popular ROBLOX games, Adopt Me and Jailbreak, and combines them to create an intriguing and truly dystopian world, although I wasn’t sure how this was going to work. Sweet, fluffy creatures versus tough criminals, guns and violence? Add to this, a baddie named Valafar and a clever cat named Kat, and you’ve got a strange mix. But it does work as the characters and plot are woven together in an amazing adventure.

This can be partly attributed to the author’s imagination and the fact that he writes extremely well. He employs a wide, yet age-appropriate, vocabulary to build a believable world around the ever-shifting plot. As well, the author’s creativity shines through as we meet a list of interesting characters, including one of my favorites, a griffin. This is a great way to set examples for young readers who may become writers themselves.

Many young readers will want to read this incredible book again and again and they will certainly be wanting to read the rest of the books in the series, especially if they are interested in Minecraft. Gameknight999 in Adopt Me meets Jailbreak: An Unofficial Adventure in Roblox by Mark Cheverton is an exciting, adventurous and meaningful read.

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Visit author Mark Cheverton’s website and learn more about him as a writer of extraordinary novels which kids everywhere are enjoying and raving about. Learn more about his New York Times bestselling Minecraft series novels and check out his other novels in his Gameknight999 series.

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