A Most Unusual Friday Knight by Alan Frost

A Most Unusual Friday Knight by Alan Frost
Series: Shawn From the Shed Book #1

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Alt="a most unusual friday night"A Most Unusual Friday Knight (Shawn From the Shed Book 1) by Alan Frost

History is now in the hands of two orphans, a border collie, and a depressed inventor

For as long as Johnny and Ella have known him, Shawn has been that odd but sad man who lives in the shed at the orphanage run by his iron-fisted sister. Every day, the kids watch from the windows as he walks the dog, fixes things, and takes his sister’s belittling with only a sigh.

Everything changes the night Johnny and Ella decide to investigate lights flashing from the shed. The night they discover Shawn’s time machine, which sends them all to medieval England – to a time of mighty castles, jousting tournaments, and wild animals.

But when they witness the injustice of a greedy lord and his champion knight, a simple jump to the past turns into a seemingly impossible quest to save the lives of innocent villagers – as well as their own. All complicated by Shawn’s odd behavior and terrible manners, leaving it up to Johnny and Ella to teach him how to behave properly.

With a combination of modern technology, ingenuity, and trickery, can two orphans, a dog, and a sad inventor change the course of history?

A story that both kids and parents will love

This is a time travel children’s book for ages 8-12. It is a light-hearted and amusing tale which is sure to entertain kids while teaching important lessons about standing up to bullies, being there for one another, helping those who need it, relying on your wits, and behaving considerately towards others. One of the most important dynamics of the story is the role reversal. Here, it is the adult who needs help from the kids in order to understand social interactions, not offend others and avoid getting into trouble. This is often a source of fun and humor, but it also a way to teach these lessons indirectly and without being preachy.

Book review:

Greedy nobles, exhilarating tournaments, and the chance to change a medieval village’s plight all intersect in the adventure-filled middle-grade story, A Most Unusual Friday Knight (Shawn From the Shed, Book 1) by Alan Frost.

Unlike his bold sister, Ella, Johnny is uncertain whether investigating the eerie lights coming from the shed outside the orphanage is a good idea. Still, he follows her and they discover a strange time machine built by Shawn, the reclusive brother of the orphanage’s owner, Regina. When Regina’s prized dog excitedly joins the group and disappears into the machine, the three follow Ginny to rescue her. Their adventures in medieval England begin.

There are many amazing and exciting scenes in the book that enrich ad heighten the story and adventure. A run-in with a hungry pack of wolves begins the trio’s adventures in England. Jousting tournaments combined with a daring plan to rescue a village from burdensome taxes force the team to think fast before they are banished into a horrifying dungeon by a cruel lord. Author, Alan Frost develops interesting likeable main characters that young readers will love and learn from. Ella is adventurous, brave, and not afraid to confront a noble. Johnny is bright and responsible. He develops plans to save the group. Shawn who is scorned by his sister, Regina, surprises Johnny and Ella with his creativity and calmness. As a group, the three demonstrate essential lessons about teamwork, using innovation to develop solutions, and showing kindness. This charming story is also a fun and engaging way of exploring and learning some relevant history. Through the trio’s escapades, young readers will learn about England’s political and social state in the 1100s. They will read about combat competitions, the injustices carried out by some rulers of the time, and what everyday life was like for villagers.

The creative narration and imaginative expressive writing style gave me an up and close visualization of everything going on and a feeling as if I was literally there on the scene watching on as this wonderful story progressed. That is a clear mark of an author’s brilliant, skillful and amazing writing and storytelling ability.

A Most Unusual Friday Knight is a fantastic start to the time-travel, fantasy and science fiction series, Shawn From the Shed. Its memorable characters and impactful lessons will resonate with young readers. A Most Unusual Friday Knight (Shawn From the Shed Book 1) by Alan Frost comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Cafe.

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