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Sortilege by Linda Gibson
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Two fictional tales intersect in Sortilege. One is a modern story of romantic entanglements, the other a shadowy gothic adventure. In both, the word “sortilege” is defined as the fateful kind of sorcery often confused with romantic love. Here’s what happens:

Looking backward for a change of scene, Em (divorced, thirty-something, drifting through life), returns to the town where she grew up.

She has a fling, reconnects a bit, enrolls in the local college, and finds it increasingly strange that a long-forgotten novel called Sortilege keeps turning up in various guises wherever she goes.

For example, Em’s neighbor Anna recommends a new version of it over brunch, this time in the form of a popular daytime soap. And Robin, an old friend, busy with artsy endeavors, obsesses over the original tale – the somewhat irreverent retelling of which also happens to take up a good part of this e-book.

All about a dashing aristocrat without a clue who sets out on an arduous quest with a blind man as his guide, hoping to rescue a lady who, unbeknownst to him, may no longer exist.

Sortilege is a robust and delicious first novel of everyday wonders, dark enchantments, tentative rambles and forbidden love.

Chick Lit Café book review Sortilege:

This amazing book is destined for great things. From the first page you’ll find this book funny, complex and intriguing. Set in two worlds, the author has created an amazing tale, intertwined, and woven together to satisfy and satiate the reader.

The story begins in modern times in a dry, dystopian urban setting called The Complex where the inhabitants are normal, confused and, well, very contemporary. Our protagonist is Em who returns to the town where she grew up looking for something new and exciting.

Em is in her thirties, divorced and somewhat lost as to what to do with herself. She has a lover whose narcissistic tendencies are alarming; she enrolls in a college course, and yet throughout the novel she lacks the motivation to think things through with clarity or succeed at much. And this is what makes her such a delight.

The episode that entails her carrying a heavy kitchen appliance, known as the Bella Vita, across town is just too funny. Dressed in white, Em is soon reminded of the incessant heat and managing to drop the gifted appliance more than once, she arrives at her friend’s house, Robin, in a terrible state of disarray.

As she bumbles through her new life, the novel Sortilege is constantly coming up in various diverse situations. This gothic, dark fantasy book is intriguing on its own, but the author has cleverly combined the narrative into this modern romantic tale.

The word ‘sortilege’ is defined as a type of witchcraft that is confused with romantic love and by its very definition is the key to fully understanding this intriguing book. In its narration are tales of witches, spells, and of course, dark, brooding love.

Beautifully crafted, Sortilege showcases this author’s amazing writing talents. She masterfully constructs sweeping sentences, which with perfect rhythm blend into paragraphs, sweeping the reader away into her fictitious, but delicious world.

This is Gibson’s first novel, and one hopes, not her last. It is certainly one which readers will want to share and read over again and again as there are so many nuances and delightfully crafted passages to delight in. This book is definitely one all readers will enjoy and comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Cafe. Book review by S Day for Chick Lit Café.

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