Soul Train by T C Husvar

Soul Train by T C Husvar
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Take a seat for a ride of a lifetime.

Joshua is a seventeen-year-old boy from the inner city who wakes up on the ground of a train station. With little knowledge of where he is and a ticket in his pocket, he ventures onto a train ride. Perspective will shift as he gambles not only at his life but also at the substations that he stops at. And once he realizes where he really is, is he going to be able to hold on to his ticket and get off the right stop?

Chick Lit Café book review:

Soul Train by T C Husvar is an original, imaginative and mesmerizing urban fantasy and paranormal novel. A young man and some other intriguing passengers travel on a perplexing train ride through the realm of the afterlife. Along the journey, the ticket they each personally hold dictates the stop they each will get off at, causing panic, fear and much confusion.

As he moves ahead towards the front of the queue to board the train, Joshua is gripped by terror. He struggles to recall how he got to the train station in the first place, and he has no recollection of recent past events. He is clueless as he nears the train conductor, but he finally finds his ticket and gets on the train. As the train leaves its tracks it is supernaturally propelled into the air. As the first passengers begin to disembark, the remaining passengers start to grasp that they are on a passage like no other and they begin to contemplate, fear and panic.

The book contains an intriguing, attention-grabbing and well-developed set of characters with varying and different fascinating backgrounds. I became attached to some of them and was so captivated by their stories. Throughout the train ride, Joshua encounters these diverse people who are all headed to different destinations. He makes friendships and struggles to accept his friends’ fate – sometimes even risking his own destiny for his friend’s sake. The story also contains many gripping and shocking revelations as the future of each passenger is revealed at each stop. Suspense hangs throughout the story as each passenger, fearfully awaits their fate. Author, T C Husvar ingeniously constructs enthralling and unnerving facets of the supernatural world and includes angelic beings, petrifying zombies, and malicious demons in dirty ragged clothes ready to pick their prey among the passengers. While on the train ride, Joshua’s character grows so readers will connect with him and really relate to him, as well as some of the other passengers who have such interesting personalities. He reflects on the life he has lived, and contemplates his own destination. The book’s hopeful and stirring conclusion balances its grimmer more forbidding scenes and notions. Joshua is inspired to believe in his own self-worth and he develops the confidence to face life’s challenges.

There is so much more to talk about with this story. It is so different from the typical fantasy-land story. It has many intense, exciting and frightening scenes, a different creative premise, setting, scenario and plot – and an incredible, surprise ending. It is a moving urban fantasy paranormal. It will leave its readers wanting more and talking about it for a long time afterward. Chick Lit Café highly recommends Soul Train by T C Husvar. Book Reviewed by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Café Book Reviews.

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