Kate’s Whisper by Carrie Wiegman

Kate's Whisper by Carrie Wiegman
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Alt="kate's whisper"Kate’s Whisper by Carrie Wiegman 

Special Agent Kate Jacobson finds herself, yet again, on the cusp of another intense FBI investigation.

After closing the latest brutal case that lingers in her thoughts, Kate and fellow Quick Response Team member, Special Agent Layne Ward, start probing into the recent drowning of a young woman.

From the onset, Kate realizes this new case is more sinister than anything she has investigated in the past eight years in the FBI. Drawing upon her in-depth training at Quantico, Kate quickly dives into the perpetrator’s method of killing and immediately sees a gruesome trend as more victims are found, putting an urgency on Kate, and the rest of the QRT Team, to quickly find and apprehend the killer.

With the mounting pressure, Kate begins to lean even harder on her secret trusted guide, whom she discovered in childhood. That simple yet profound guide has a voice. Sometimes a strong voice as it urges – even pushes – Kate pointing her to gather clues from unlikely sources. She has nicknamed her secret.

Kate’s Whisper.

Since a young age, Kate has ‘known’ things. This knowing, this source guide, builds her intuitively, even romantically, as she explores her budding feelings for a member of her small band of trusted people, the handsome Delta Force leader, Master Sergeant Damon Harris.

As the whisper gets stronger, Kate finds herself vulnerable to Harris but also to the case as it explodes after Kate finds a stunning connection between the victims.

Will Kate’s trusted whisper help her close the case, and closer to Harris, or is there something unknown even to her whisper that will put Kate in peril? Is her intuition possibly wrong this time, or will it guide her to happiness with Harris and an arrest of Seattle’s most dangerous killer?

Book review:

Electrifying, enthralling, and hard to put down, Kate’s Whisper by Carrie Wiegman is a one-of-a-kind thriller that will leave readers hungry for a sequel.

Kate Jacobson is a talented Seattle-based FBI agent. But no one knows that her killer instincts are… well… a little… supernatural. Inherited from her mother and generations before her, Kate calls it her “whisper,” a voice that guides her when something is out of place. When new murders keep popping up in a string of freaky serial killings targeting women, Kate’s “whisper” is needed more than ever. But don’t be mistaken, Kate’s job competence is not completely reliant on her whisper. She has the training, knowledge, and know-how to be a top agent without it, but having a supernatural voice in her head certainly helps. Kate is determined to find the psychopath behind the murders. And she will, make no doubt about that. But it just might cost Kate her life in the process.

This book is so thrilling and it has it all—it’s filled with mystery, intrigue, suspense, action and just the right amount of moving romance. The plot line is mind-blowing and definitely movie-making material. Kate’s character is extremely likable and readers will find themselves rooting for her in her various escapades. Her stirring love interest with Damon Harris, an attractive Delta Force agent, adds the perfect balance and brings a certain amount of welcome adoring depth to the story. All of the characters are very well-developed, with enough personal details that the reader will feel like they know them well. I was so invested in this story that it kept me up late at night, I just couldn’t put it down and that is when I knew that I was reading an exceptionally talented writer’s novel.  It is fast-paced, exciting, and is clearly well-thought out and expertly executed.

Carrie Wiegman is an author to watch out for. You should block out a day for this book. Kate’s Whisper will leave you completely stationary; entranced, your eyes will be glued to the pages, unable to do anything but flip page after page. Once you finish, you’ll undeniably be eagerly anticipating the next Kate Jacobson thriller! Book reviewed by Michaela Gordoni for Chick Lit Café. Kate’s Whisper by Carrie Wiegman comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café.

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