The Wick and The Flame by Hilari T Cohen

The Wick and The Flame by Hilari T Cohen
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Alt="the wick and the flame"The Wick and The Flame by Hilari T Cohen

It takes a special kind of hero to stand up against the odds…

Evie and Albert. Naomi and Judah. Four very different people who join a movement to birth a nation with one thing in common. None of them ever expected to fall in love…

After the atrocities of the holocaust, it becomes all too clear that the Jewish people need safe homeland. A young and hopeful group of soldiers come together on a kibbutz outside of Tel Aviv for a most secret mission: the manufacture of bullets to face off against the British for the soul of their infant country. None of them could know what was to happen; they need to find a way to hide in plain sight all the while praying not to be exposed or even worse, captured. Danger, death and intrigue swirls around them, but they never waiver from their steadfast belief that they will ultimately be triumphant. Each one prays for a miracle to make it out alive, knowing that nothing in war is ever guaranteed…

From Paris to Prague, from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, The Wick and The Flame captures the heart and soul of a nation at its birth, seen through the eyes of those who put their lives and hearts on the line to insure its future!

Book Review

Hilari T Cohen’s profound historical novel, The Wick and The Flame, chronicles the courageous efforts that led to the establishment of Israel through a team of young, daring soldiers.

Albert flees his home in Paris to escape arrest in Nazi-occupied France after his father is taken. Driven by the dream of one day being reunited with him, Albert traverses Europe to escape death. In Prague, he meets Judah who leads him to Israel where another war is brewing. Together with other soldiers disguised as Kibbutz volunteers, the team manufactures bullets and takes part in dangerous mission trips to deliver them to soldiers in the front lines.

This character-driven story revolves around four exceptional soldiers who risk their lives to contribute to the fight for Israel’s self-rule. The novel spins its main characters to life through their resolve and personal reasons for joining the fight against British control over Israel. Evie, an earlier recruit whose father is a senior British official, enlists Naomi, a journalism student from New York who is determined to make a difference. The tension in the novel rises as Evie falls in love with Albert and Naomi with Judah against the backdrop of war. The story shifts between hope and despair as it works its way to a powerful, moving ending. The characters are surrounded by danger from all sides but the hope of a stable Israel and the promise of settling down and building their families after the war keeps them hopeful. The novel documents an important part of Israel’s history while highlighting the high cost that was paid to gain independence. There are many moving scenes and the characters suffer life-altering losses even as the hope for self-rule is later achieved.

Set in a tumultuous time that preceded The Israeli Declaration of Independence, The Wick and The Flame brilliantly shows the bravery of Israeli soldiers at the time through its compelling characters. This is an extraordinary story, well-written with excellent character development and narration. The author’s descriptive and expressive writing style brings every page to vivid life and is captivating from start to finish. Chick Lit Café highly recommends The Wick and The Flame by Hilari T Cohen. Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Café.

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