The True Purpose of Vines by Giovanna Siniscalchi

The True Purpose of Vines by Giovanna Siniscalchi
Series: The Winemakers #1

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Alt="the true purpose of the vines"The True Purpose of Vines by Giovanna Siniscalchi

Dive into Portugal’s rich culture in this intoxicating historical romance about wine and love. (The Winemakers – Book 1)

Julia Costa isn’t about to let an Englishman—or any man, for that matter—waltz into her vineyards and tell her how to run her business.

After losing her husband and gaining his substantial debt, Julia Costa knew it was only a matter of time before creditors came knocking at her door. She’s the best winemaker in the Douro, and she’ll stop at nothing to protect her legacy. Including refusing to fall for a dashing Englishman who’s come to collect what she owes…

Griffin Maxwell needs to secure Ms. Costa’s payment to regain his family’s status.

With an offer he can’t refuse from a powerful man, Griffin agrees to chase a reluctant debtor. But Julia Costa isn’t what he expects. She’s headstrong, tempestuous, and sweeps him into the vibrant culture of 1870’s Portugal. He learns more about himself and his roots than he ever expected… and finds himself falling for the full-bodied, sweet, and fiery Julia.

When cultures clash, things turn sour…

Julia knows the man feels entitled to her lands, her wine, and her heart. Resisting him is still no easy task. Griffin knows she’s not the proper Englishwoman he intended to marry. Driven apart by cultural differences and deep secrets, they must compromise to face a new threat to the vineyards head-on… or lose everything.

If you love enemies-to-lovers novels and enjoy traveling to breathtaking places, this historical romance will capture your heart.

Chick Lit Café Book Review:

The True Purpose of Vines by Giovanna Siniscalchi is a beautiful, poetic book that truly brings Portugal to life.  Giovanna paints poetry –bringing wine, ports, Portuguese history and culture to life in a way that makes the reader feel they are walking along the Duoro region themselves.

Julia Costa runs her own winery—she’s a historical marvel.  A woman who embodies Portuguese fervor but also approaches life with unbridled passion.  A woman who will do anything to save her winery and her family’s heirlooms.  Until she comes up against Griffin Maxwell, an Englishman who is intent on keeping all the English ways as he balances the accounts for both her winery and his next door.  Passions flare between them almost as many times as cultural clashes between them ignite. But then, Julia’s vines are overcome by phylloxera, a plant lice that killed vineyards across most of Europe. In this rendering, Giovanna creates a searing romance with many brutal villains—both louse and human variety, she combines it with 1870s Portugal with all its beautiful traditions, and with action packed scenes that will leave readers panting.  She layers in everything beautiful about Portugal—from musical traditions such as fado, to food like pastises and Bacalhau, to the rich tapestry of the land.

Julia’s character is one of a kind.  She’s not going to let any man tell her how to run her winery.  Except Julia lives during a time when men are expected to do just that—and women are expected to keep house.  Julia’s personality provides fire for this novel keeping you turning page after page.  And while Julia is struggling to keep her winery afloat—something she truly loves—she’s got a three-man love triangle going on.  All these men are in a position to either significantly help or hurt her, so she has to tread lightly.

In The True Purpose of Vines the characters come to life right off the pages.  So does the vivid imagery— Giovanna Siniscalchi scripts scenes that will make readers feel they are there in person—drinking the full-bodied wine, feeling the port’s luscious burn, smelling the lemon trees.  This book is like taking a delightful vacation, and even better, readers will want to see each of these real places in person after finishing the book. A wonderful story, magnificent settings and beautiful characters, The True Purpose of Vines by Giovanna Siniscalchi is a must read, 5 star one-of-a-kind novel and comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. Book reviewed by Rachel for Chick Lit Cafe.

The True Purpose of Vines by Giovanna Siniscalchi
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First Place in Chick Lit Cafe’s

CLC Book Excellence Award
for best
Victorian Regency Romance Fiction Novel
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