Altered Evolution: The Book of Margaret by Paul A Brooks

Altered Evolution: The Book of Margaret by Paul A Brooks
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A race of ancient reptilian aliens searching the universe for a life form strong enough to be their saviors and warriors find us in this action-packed epic story of rebellion and survival.

When the Szateth invades, humans are simple hunter-gatherers, perfect for their needs. The ruling sisters of the Szateth council begin the systematic abduction of humans for warrior conversion and embryo implantation.

The conversion process is violent and cruel, altering male DNA to make them suitable for war. And the altering effect of embryo implantation takes the sisters by surprise.

Unable to resist their advanced intelligence and technology, humankind seems lost until one of the council sisters realizes the human potential and tries to save them.

Then the universe intervenes.


Chick Lit Cafe book review:

A well-written and enthralling story with unique ideas and an immersive plot, I thoroughly enjoyed this unique science fiction story. An alien reptilian race at risk of extinction invades Earth hoping to use humans to expand their power across the universe and increase their population in the gritty, engrossing speculative fiction work, Altered Evolution: The Book of Margaret by Paul A Brooks.

Determined to maintain control over her network of planets and crush any uprisings by indigenous species, the leader of the Szateth race demands that the male humans be converted into warriors that she will then use to help her achieve her goals. Female humans are also abducted and forced to act as surrogates for the alien race to improve its dwindling numbers. The abductions threaten to decimate humans but one Szateth leader is determined to save them.

Author Paul A Brooks has penned a fascinating novel overflowing with political intrigue, conflict, and scientific detail. The story explores the division within the Szateth ruling council. While the First Council Sister is focused on expanding her political control over the universe and making the Szateth race the dominant species, the Second Council Sister becomes attached to the human species. She recognizes their capacity even though they are just simple hunters and gatherers at this point, and she grows fond of them and hopes to rescue them from First Council Sister’s vicious plans. The conflict between the two leading figures of their race is tensive, making the story captivating throughout.

Brooks’ writing is fluid and masterful, creating room to reflect on the story’s themes and its multidimensional characters. Abundant background details are offered of the Szateth race and its purpose on earth. Such information is provided in easy-to-understand bits in the earlier sections of the novel. The work includes the two council sisters’ individual perspectives, providing a clear and interesting picture of their conflicting opinions. Other characters are equally compelling bringing great depth and meaning to the story. Paul A Brooks is a very clever, imaginative, and expressive writer as he brings this incredible story to life with his exceptional storytelling ability and exciting vivid descriptions, scenes and various scenarios that completely held my attention.

Spine-chilling scenes capture the horror the male humans must endure during the conversion process. In the scenes, the Second Council Sister’s emotional reactions to the suffering inflicted on humans feel awful and intense. Still, there is hope in the story as she devises a clever plan to save them and restore their race. The story ends on a hopeful note and all the strands in the story are expertly tied together. You know you have read an excellent novel when the ending is deeply meaningful, full and complete and everything comes to together perfectly.

Altered Evolution: The Book of Margaret by Paul A Brooks is an original, suspenseful science fiction novel featuring intriguing characters, riveting action scenes and an outstanding one-of-a-kind plot. Book reviewed by Edith Emunah for Chick Lit Café.

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