Utopia Project: Everyone Must Die by Billy Dering – CLC Award Winner

Utopia Project: Everyone Must Die by Billy Dering
Series: Utopia Project Series Book #1

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Alt="utopia project"Utopia Project: Everyone Must Die by Billy Dering

An apocalyptic event. A simple gift box from a military father. A stunning connection between and possibly the last hope for humanity.

After America’s controversial presidential election in 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, several decades of escalating civil crises have ensued. The governments of many countries have conspired to develop the ultimate solution for controlling the lives of their citizens. The new society, forged in the secret Utopia Project, provides for all of your needs without cost, promotes recreational group sex, raises offspring without parents and offers a life without stress.

When the project’s true purpose is revealed, a nightmare weapon turns the rest of the world into a mass grave of melted corpses. Inexplicably, not everyone died as planned. On the east coast of America, Sara Hyland and boyfriend Kid Carlson somehow survive. Hunted by the merciless forces of the Utopia Project, a single thread of hope is discovered in a gift box, given to Sara by her military father the night of the destruction. But is it too late to save humanity from extinction?

Chick Lit Cafe book review:

Utopia Project: Everyone Must Die is the fast paced exciting first instalment in Billy Dering’s extraordinary “Utopia Project” series. This fascinating science fiction, dystopian thriller is suspenseful, exhilarating and highly addictive.

A small group of friends somehow survive an apocalyptic event which leaves virtually everyone dead worldwide. Not knowing how or why they have survived, they uncover some clues through a cryptic package left by Sara Hyland’s father, General Hyland. With his clues and through their own resourcefulness, they discover the terrifying and gruesome new reality of the Utopia Project where there is no individualism, no “I”, only “we” and an all-controlling regime which seeks to stamp out free will, attachments, desire, and love.

The narrative takes us on their intense journey as they struggle for survival in this new Dystopia, where people are reconditioned and brainwashed to conform to the ideology imposed upon them. The group of friends are discovered by the forces of the Utopia Project and the pursuit to capture and convert them, or at worst destroy them, ensues.  

From the start the characters are well defined and likeable, their complexities skillfully drawn out, and the relational nuances between them delicately explored. The rather graphic descriptions of the demise of humanity by a devastatingly destructive but selective weapon, of melted faces and blood and guts, is not for the faint hearted, but if you enjoy the shock aspect of the more terrifying sci-fi/disaster genre, you’ll be enthralled and well entertained. I certainly was. The plot is fast paced and maintains momentum, despite some fascinating changes in time back and forth. It remains easy to follow and the chapters moving back and forth in time worked well and were well titled meaning you always knew where you were as a reader. This also allowed for a temporary relief from the adrenaline-charged passages to interesting flashbacks pre the “Event” that changes the world forever. This was such a clever way to keep the reader fascinated and slowly unravel key intriguing and thought-provoking pieces of information essential to the plot.

Billy Dering creates a realistic, and terrifyingly believable landscape which gives the novel credence and an all too possible flavor with skill and obvious relish.

I was gripped from the first page to the end and left wanting to continue the series by reading the next book right away. If you enjoy and love to escape in chilling and gripping novels that have action, mystery, suspense, thrilling science fiction, dystopian and apocalyptic scenarios, scenes, and plots, then this is the novel for you.

Utopia Project: Everyone Must Die by Billy Dering is a one-of-a-kind, fast paced, believable, gripping tale of a dystopian battle for survival and comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café. 
Book read and reviewed by Frances Simone for Chick Lit Café books, reviews & author services ~ since 2005.

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Utopia Project: Everyone Must Die by Billy Dering
awarded first place
for best
Science Fiction Thriller Novel
CLC Book Excellence Award Winner!
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