The Valley of Stars by Yona Katz

The Valley of Stars by Yona Katz
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The Valley of Stars by Yona Katz 

Asha, a Star, is an outstanding seventeen-year-old student in the flawless realm of the Valley of Stars. Her life’s purpose is to bring light to Adama, the world below. The promise of her perfect noble future is shattered when one day, she is caught breaking the law.

Asha’s disgraceful crime is unforgivable and requires the ultimate punishment. She is thrown out of the Valley of Stars to crash down on Adama—certain death for any Star.

Against all odds, Asha’s execution doesn’t go as planned. Not only does she miraculously survive the fall but a mysterious Adamian comes to her rescue. Her savior is a distrusting girl who has no intention of compromising her own mission for the sake of a fallen Star.

Asha’s idea of Adama is challenged as she quickly learns that this world is not as safe as the Stars are taught. With danger hot on their heels, the exiled Star and the guarded Adamian might find that they need each other more than they think.

The Valley of Stars is the first book in the trilogy The Rise of Penumbra. This volume takes Asha on an unexpected adventure across Adama, where wonders and dangers go hand in hand, and friendship and love make anything possible.

This is a Young Adult series with no explicit content.

Chick Lit Book Cafe

The Valley of Stars by Yona Katz is a spell-binding story of adventure, friendship, and finding oneself. Filled with action, adventure and romance, this teen and young adult fantasy is a wonderful, skillfully written, one-of-a-kind story that is, by far, the best fantasy novel I have read this year.

Asha, a member of the Valley of the Stars, values knowledge. In this society, new pathways to knowledge open once a star has progressed in his or her schooling.  Asha cannot get enough knowledge, especially after she joins a secret group tasked with trying to understand the hidden secrets of their world.  It’s in the pursuit of these secrets that Asha finds herself arrested, convicted, and sentenced to be executed.  Once a star has fallen, or been executed, they typically die.  On Adama, where she was sent, Asha finds herself under the care of Yusra, a refugee who’s looking for her brother.  Together, the two girls begin a journey of a lifetime in order to rescue Yusra’s brother, to figure out what a covert group called the Rez is up to, and to keep both Asha and Yusra from falling into any authorities’ hands.  With so many obstacles in their way, will they be able to complete their mission(s)?

Yona Katz has a gift for story.  She’s crafted such compelling characters and such a unique and beautiful storyline.  I’ve never read a story where stars were used as an integral part of a story!  Each location is vividly described and illustrated as the characters go on their hero’s quest.  She also balanced out the action and adventure elements expertly.  I couldn’t put this book down, and I also cannot wait to read the next two books in the series!

If you enjoy fiction, romance, adventure, or just a really great book, read The Valley of Stars by Yona Katz immediately.  You’ll devour it and be excited to have the whole series in your hands as fast as possible! Chick Lit Café highly recommends The Valley of Stars by Yona Katz to all teen and Y/A fantasy readers. Book read and reviewed by Mary Rosenthal for CLC Book Reviews, Reading Recommendations and Professional Author Services.

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The Valley of Stars by Yona Katz
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Teen, Young Adult, Fantasy Romance & Adventure
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