Beyond the Gloaming Pass by Rebecca Holmes 

Beyond the Gloaming Pass: An Emotional High Fantasy Adventure by Rebecca Holmes
Series: Equilibria Book 1

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Alt="beyond the gloaming pass"Beyond the Gloaming Pass: An Emotional High Fantasy Adventure (Equilibria Book 1) by Rebecca Holmes.

Life in the gas-lit city of Tunswick has never been easy for best friends Rubriel and Molindra.

An unlicensed mage, Molindra struggles to contain her innate magical abilities, while Rubriel bounces from one job to the next after industrialization left her skillset redundant. When a contract from a wealthy merchant offers a hefty payout for a dangerous mission in a mysterious land, Molindra seizes the opportunity for a better life.

Cold, barren and brutally efficient, the Gloaming Mountains conceal a powerful nation, where the sun never rises and the dead watch tirelessly – a nation determined to claim Bantria’s abundant natural resources for themselves. In the heart of Langlythe, Molindra receives the mage training she so desperately desires. In return, she must retrieve an ancient artifact buried deep in the frozen north. Fears for her safety at odds with festering resentment, Rubriel chases Molindra through inhospitable territory. The pair soon find themselves swept onto opposite sides of a bitter conflict that spirals rapidly out of control.

Separated and pushed to the limits of endurance, their journey will put the bonds of friendship to the ultimate test and challenge their perception of the world to its very core. Will they reunite and save Bantria from the growing threat, or become unwitting agents of its destruction?

Beyond the Gloaming Pass is a down-to-earth high fantasy adventure that weaves together themes of friendship, resilience, and the search for truth. With its strong female leads, profound emotional depth, and heart-wrenching conclusion, this award-winning book will keep readers enchanted until the very last page.

Book review:

Intriguing, well-written, and moving. Highly recommended.

In this excellent and emotionally moving high fantasy novel, Ms. Holmes tells the story of Rubriel and Molindra, who are unfulfilled and dissatisfied with their lives in Tunswick. She explores the deep emotional intensity of the relationship between these two friends whose lives are torn apart by industrialization, prejudice, and misogyny.

Wanting to be accepted by the citizens of Tunswick, Molindra (who is an unlicensed and untrained mage) must take medicine to restrict her ability to use her Elementalist skills. Deciding to improve her life she leaves Tunswick and takes up a challenge made by a wealthy guildmaster—to search for information about the region of Langlythe in return for a large sum of money.  Her training completed she must now use her magic to bring back an ancient artifact from the frozen north.

Industrialization has left Rubriel’s skills largely redundant, and she takes poorly paid jobs to get by. After Molindra sets off on her quest, Rubriel is distraught and fearing for her friend’s safety, she begins searching for her.

The author writes a powerful story about the lengths friends will go to help each other. Ms. Holmes weaves a tale of magic, danger, excitement, and manipulation as the women struggle to survive and achieve goals while being watched by those who inhabit the savage, unwelcoming Gloaming Mountains. Molindra achieves her goal of becoming a mage but the cost to herself and the citizens of Bantria is high. Readers will enjoy this novel about physical and emotional endurance, friendship, and magic.

Beyond the Gloaming Pass: An Emotional High Fantasy Adventure (Equilibria Book 1)by Rebecca Holmes is a unique and captivating read and comes highly recommended by Chick Lit Café.

READ NOW and enter a world where light and dark collide.

Buy Beyond the Gloaming Pass: An Emotional High Fantasy Adventure (Equilibria Book 1) by Rebecca Holmes.
Alt="beyond the gloaming pass"
Beyond the Gloaming Pass: An Emotional High Fantasy Adventure (Equilibria Book 1)
by Rebecca Holmes.
Alt="clc book excellence award contest"
CLC Book Excellence Award Winner
High Fantasy, Gaslamp Fantasy & Historical Fantasy

Alt="beyond the gloaming pass"

Adult Fantasy Author/Novelist

Rebecca Holmes loves vibrant worlds, rich cultures and multilayered characters. She writes for a mature audience, covering deeper topics through authentically realized emotions and drawing parallels with the real world. Her work is for readers who want more out of a fantasy novel than your typical coming-of-age story.

Her debut novel, Beyond the Gloaming Pass, is available NOW as an e-Book and Paperback. Visit Rebecca’s Website

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