The Covid Murders by Greg Vigdor

The Covid Murders: Another American Health Policy Detective Story by Greg Vigdor
Series: The Irv Tinsley Health Policy Detective Series Book 2

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Alt="the covid murders"The Covid Murders by Greg Vigdor 

The Covid Murders: Another American Health Policy Detective Story is a novel exploring what is wrong with American health care and how to fix it. The second in the Irv Tinsley Health Policy Detective series, it picks up where the acclaimed The Theory of Irv: An American Health Policy Detective Story left off.

Like the first book, The Covid Murders is a fictional and page turning medical detective story, this time exploring a mysterious death in a hospital in suburban Nashville, Tennessee. But like the first, it also connects this entertaining tale simply and understandably to the very real problems of American health care policy. It explains what has gone wrong with our system historically and now, including the great impact of our recent national experience with the Covid pandemic.

Readers will discover an entertaining way to access the complex issues of American health policy and politics- and be better prepared for the coming battle over what comes next in the battle for control over American health care. Grab your copy today!

CLC Book Review:

InThe Covid Murders, the second installment of The Irv Tinsley Health Policy Detective Series, Greg Vigdor crafts a suspenseful storyline packed with medical conspiracies, riveting murder mysteries, policy issues, and an underhanded political attempt to control America.

When medical detective Irv Tinsley receives a call for help from Jason Stroud who is serving as the new acting CEO of a hospital in Nashville, Irv’s dedication to truth leads him to help Jason. Irv is intrigued by the case involving the death of Thomas Baker, a local bigwig who had died unexpectedly while being operated upon. At first, all Irv has to help him uncover details regarding the mysterious death are the lyrics of songs played during the operation. As he studies them, he discovers a pattern of deaths in the hospital. Stakes rise as he gets closer to the truth and other parties get involved.

One mystery leads to another in Vigdor’s spellbinding novel. Irv’s discovery could have an impact on the plans of different people in the story including a man hell-bent on revenge and an authoritarian political group who plan to control American healthcare and, ultimately, the American government. As more shocking revelations emerge, suspense-filled scenes follow. The political syndicate becomes involved with Thomas Baker’s death, hoping to use it to further their interest.

Exploring actual events and problems within the health sector, the story feels real and is an eye-opening read about the healthcare system. It is set during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and adeptly covers healthcare policy issues that existed during and after the period. Greg Vigdor’s experience is apparent as he discusses the current state and possible future of healthcare in America and the problems that threaten it. The characters are also complex and authentic. Their backgrounds and personal lives are included, making them realistic and interesting.

The novel is hopeful and portrays the power of teamwork and cooperation. Irv teams up with his friends and others who want to uncover the truth and fight for justice. Its ending is captivating and compelling.

The Covid Murders by Greg Vigdor is an excellent medical mystery novel with important discussions about America’s healthcare system. It includes a fitting setting and remarkable characters. Chick Lit Café fully recommends The Covid Murders by Greg Vigdor.

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