Marianne Komek – Featured Author

Alt='Marianne Komek"Marianne Komek is a freelance journalist whose articles have appeared in the National Catholic Register, the Catholic News Service and The Catholic Spirit, the official newspaper for the diocese of Metuchen.

She has worked as a production editor and editorial assistant for publishers in New York City. Marianne has also tutored college students and taught ESL. She was a youth minister for teenagers at her parish, as well as serving as a catechist for them.

Seeing so many teenagers suffer from depression, Marianne wanted to write a book that would be compassionate towards them and enlighten people about mental illness. Her first aim in writing

Promises to Theresa, however, is to entertain with a believable main character whom all will root for as she matures from a sixteen-year-old girl to a young woman in college. Although it speaks about her illness, the novel is mostly about Theresa’s adventures in trying to find someone to love her. The novel also illustrates how her family life and close friendships help her to blossom into a lovely individual.

There is also an alcoholic teenager with whom Theresa has a codependent relationship. In her spare time,

Marianne enjoys ballet, opera, watching football and trying out new recipes.

Marianne’s husband, Cabbar, is a professional photographer and media artist who designed the cover of Promises to Theresa.

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