Must Read “The Hours Between Us” By Carol Graf


With a bittersweet and captivating narrative that was inspired by events in her own life, author Carol Graf brings readers a stunning debut novel about a psychiatrist and her patient whose parallel journeys take them from family brokenness to the redemption and hope that can only be learned from life’s most painful moments.

Kai Ingerson was motivated to become a psychiatrist after a childhood of dysfunction with her tempestuous and manic-depressive grandmother, Dumpling. Now divorced, in private practice and raising two teenagers, she starts work with Stephanie, a young grad student with acute leukemia, who has returned to Charleston and its mystic healing waters and marsh, to fight for her life. Stephanie braves the revelations of shocking family secrets, while Kai seeks peace with her own past as the therapy unfolds. Both women emerge with new capacities for love, life, and spiritual truths. This is a powerful work from a novelist whose story reflects her real-life experiences as a psychiatrist in Charleston.

Set against a lush low country backdrop of Spanish moss, salt marshes, silent oaks, and the pounding sea, The Hours Between Us is an artful exploration of the heartbreaking struggles and unbreakable spirits of two extraordinary women.


Inspiring, beautiful and discerning. The Hours Between Us By Carol Graf is a powerful engaging novel.

Based on the author’s own life as a psychiatrist, this is a somewhat fictional account of the relationship between doctor and patient. It is a beautiful story of discovery, pain and healing.

The story is brilliantly composed and the characters are well developed and interesting. This is the author Carol Graf’s debut novel, but it is written with fine literary skill and a unique almost magical voice. The reader would never know it is her first book. I was thoroughly impressed.

This is a very emotional read. As the patient, Stephanie goes through the turmoil of dealing with leukemia, Dr. Kai helps her to heal through a set of standards that they both agree on at the onset of treatment. What ensues is a strong bond between the two and an experience that is beautiful, spiritual and healing, for both doctor and patient. I loved the dialogue between the two women, and the way they helped one another to uncover their inner selves. Their relationship transcends the common doctor patient relationship and brought healing and enlightenment for both.

I love books that are set in the south. This one is set in the low country of South Carolina. Our author describes the setting and scenery in such an impressive, beautiful manner. With the portrayal of the very rich vegetation, the salty marshland bog, the lush trees, the splendid sea, and even the sun light, the reader’s senses and mind is pleased and satisfied aesthetically.

I was put right into the setting which thrilled and intoxicated me. The book reads at a steady pace and kept me interested and engaged from start to finish.

Overall The Hours Between Us is a wonderful novel written extremely well with much thought and knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed it and came away with a deeper understanding of others and my own self. I am looking forward to reading more novels by Carol Graf

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