“Faith Power Joy: Spiritual Guidance from 5 Generations of Remarkable Women” By Sheryl A Stradling


Faith, Power, Joy tells the multi-generational saga of a family of women who followed their intuition, demonstrated their faith, and transformed their challenges into opportunities for service and joy.

The women’s stories begin in 1890, when the author’s great grandmother challenged a family friend in a bet and went on to overcome unexpected tragedy, grief and loss. She learned to share her faith through love and helping others heal. Her daughter enjoyed a stellar career as an educator in the public schools, which she achieved through determination to overcome the limiting social norms of her times, and her eldest daughter confronted lifetime illness and personal loss with courage and determination.

The author reveals these women’s secrets for successful living as well as her own personal growth through spiritual practice and holistic healing, while her own daughter shares the source of her strength through her devotionals and examples of Christ-centered living. Their stories are both joyful and heartbreaking as each reveals her methods for overcoming adversity and transforming obstacles into opportunities.

These remarkable women built on the spiritual growth of their foremothers. They share their secrets for creating powerful and courageous lives through applying the spiritual principles of forgiveness, love, faith and service. Their stories inspire us with timeless guidance to harness our inner power, live by our faith, and share our joy.


Powerful, Thought Provoking and Engaging.

This is a wonderful book about overcoming obstacles, sorrows and achieving goals.

It is a spiritual book based on principles learned from five generations of remarkable women in a family. Starting with the great grandmother, each woman in the family learns to live, thrive and enjoy life through faith, love, joy and forgiveness. They each go through good times and bad, but all overcome life’s troubles through their commitment to their spiritual practices and helping others.

I thoroughly enjoyed Faith, Power, Joy: Spiritual Guidance from 5 Generations of Remarkable Women by Sheryl A Stradling. It chronicles the lives of the author’s own family. It is full of powerful knowledge, advice and spiritual teachings and tips. It is extremely well written and engaging, as author Sheryl Stradling expresses the heart of these women and the undeniable strength each one had. She expresses the idea that following spiritual principles can directly affect one’s life in a real tangible experience. I gleaned a lot from this book. I know readers, especially women, will enjoy the retelling of her family saga and the trials and triumphs they endured. I, personally, am going to put to practice the methods and teachings in this book. It is based on the basic principles of faith, love, forgiveness, joy and helping others. It is simple yet profound, which created powerful women as they grew in their lives spiritually and individually.

A truly inspiring book filled with wisdom, hope and insight

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