Must Read “The Golden Hour” By Marni Graff


Engaging, moving, mysterious.

The Golden Hour by Marni Graff is a fantastic, chilling mystery set in England. Nora Tierney is a young mother that’s dating DI Declan Barnes. Declan is investigating a serious murder involving an art conservator and stopping a possible devastating health epidemic. Meanwhile, Nora, has the feeling that she is being followed and stalked. As she goes about her life, she can’t shake the sense that she is being watched. She can’t figure out why anyone would be after her. When she moves to Oxford and Brighton her sense of danger increases. What ensues is a multifaceted entangled mystery that leaves readers wanting more.

Author Marni Graff has written a smart, intense and sensitive mystery filled with twists and turns. The characters are all well written and developed. They have interesting and unique personalities. I especially liked the way the main character, Nora, is developed and written. There is a warmth and strength to her as she has a lot going on due to her past. The plot is intelligently penned and woven together. The descriptions of the beautiful English countryside towns and cottages gave me a feeling of awe.

I couldn’t put The Golden Hour down. I was drawn in from the very start. It is intense and sweet at the same time. Readers will love the exciting complicated mystery coupled with the warmth of family life in England that is instilled throughout. Everything from the descriptions of the food and homes to the international intrigue captivated me.

The Golden Hour is the fourth installment in The Nora Tierney English Mysteries. Readers are in love with this series. And “The Golden Hour” may be the best one yet. We are looking forward to more from author Marni Graff.


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