Must Read: “Dark Network” By James McCrone


Imogen Trager, the determined heroine of the “highly suspenseful” thriller, Faithless Elector returns, desperate to stop a murderous dark network intent on stealing the presidency. She’ll have to fight against time, a sinister network, and even her own colleagues to stop the conspiracy to seize the presidency.

Although not based directly on events now gripping the world, Dark Network certainly resonates with them, offering a sharp critique of a US political system that didn’t anticipate the ruthlessness of a modern criminal-business complex. With fraught, evocative prose, James McCrone shows how easily power can be stolen from the people by a hidden network with a criminal agenda.

The FBI is leaking, the Attorney General is being undermined, politicians are spinning, social media is in an uproar and a murderous dark network is gunning for anyone standing in its way.


Dark Network is the second installment in the “Imogen Trager” series by author James McCrone. It’s an electric political drama and thriller that is brilliantly written and timely, due to our own political upheavals concerning the recent presidential election.

The main character and spirited heroine, Imogen Trager, is single-minded and unwavering in this extremely entertaining and suspenseful thriller. She frantically works to stop a deadly secret and complex network that is set on undermining and seizing the presidency. She is in a race against time, an evil corrupt network and even the very people she works with, in an attempt to stop the underhanded and forcible seizure of the presidency. Everything concerning the nation and the presidency is in an uproar, and a cloud of apprehension and deceit rests over the nation. Imogen Trager, together with FBI agent, Trey Kelly, investigate and work against time to bring down the conspiracy, and save the presidency.

The Dark Network reminded me of our own nation’s recent bout with power and corruption during our presidential election, making this a very timely piece of fictional work.

Author James McCrone has a way with words as he creates situations that cause the reader to feel the immense tension, suspense and who’s who in the menagerie of corruption. His ability to describe the scenes and characters gives the reader a clear delightful picture of the setting and the personalities of the colorful characters. The characters are believable and strong. The plot is fully developed with the characters interwoven within with competence and interest.
Amidst all the drama, detective work and suspense there is a bit of humor as well.

I thoroughly enjoyed Dark Network. I couldn’t put it down and turned the pages quickly to find out what was going to happen next. I was held breathlessly captive as the storyline progressed. It is a fast paced, heart pounding political thriller. It is well researched and intelligent. Set in metro DC, the author seemed to know the area well and that intrigued me. I didn’t have the opportunity of reading the first book in the series, Faithless Elector, but I didn’t feel like I was in the dark at all. Dark Network can definitely stand alone, as I was able to understand it from beginning to end.

And I would say that one needn’t be schooled in politics to understand it. James McCrone gives the reader a lesson in the system of politics, making it easy to understand and very interesting at that.

I loved Dark Network. It is a fantastic, unpredictable political suspense novel.

James McCrone is an exceptional novelist and one to keep an eye on and promote.
DARK NETWORK is available October 20 (and on pre-sale through Amazon & Barnes & Noble now!)

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