To Love and to Cherish – Barbara Edema

To Love and to Cherish by Barbara Edema


Church has never been so fun or funny!
If you have ever been in a small town church, you’ll love this book. If you haven’t been in a small town church, come and meet the people of Loving The Lord Community Church, and their young female pastor, Maggie!

Twenty-six and single, Maggie has just graduated from seminary and received a call to pastor a church in the town of Cherish, Michigan. Idealistic and enthusiastic, Maggie jumps in with both feet.
Supporting her is Hank, her assistant (not secretary!); Irena, the brilliant music director from Romania who dresses in vibrant colors and plunging necklines, and loves a good glass of vodka; Mrs. Abernathy, the resident-know-it-all; and Ed, her mentor from seminary and her biggest cheerleader.

Maggie encounters her first funeral (for a not-so-loved man who choked on a chicken bone), discovers her tendency to rescue motherless kittens (which doesn’t go well with living in the parsonage), and learns that being a part of a community can be simultaneously suffocating and life-giving.


Absolutely charming!

To Love and to Cherish by Barbara Edema is one book to cherish.
The simple pleasures of life are brought to life in this endearing story about the young newly appointed pastor, named Maggie, of “Loving the Lord Community Church.”

Maggie is youthful, loving and motivated to do her best to minister and guide the new flock that God has ordained her to shepherd. Readers follow along as she deals with the trials, disappointments and victories that all, naturally, come along with pastoring a small town congregation.

With help and mentorship from friends, Maggie learns to love the unlovable and help those in need. Her wisdom is astounding and I learned a lot through this realistic story. Through everyday life with its ups and downs, Maggie teaches her flock as well as readers how to maintain a life filled with joy, patience and love through Godly principles and guidance. Being so young, she is learning these life skills, as she progresses and grows in her position as Pastor and her own personal life.

I love all the quirky colorful characters that Barbara Edema has created in To Love and To Cherish. They are all fully developed, each with their own distinctive personalities. Some lovable and some – not some much. But, even the unruly ones, are written in such an impactful way, readers are glad they are in the story.

In, To Love and to Cherish, the storyline is funny and engaging. The characters are woven within the plot so naturally and splendidly.

The account, revolving around the small town called Cherish, is bursting with life, beautiful vivid scenery and sensory delights.

As I was reading I kept thinking, “I want to live in Cherish.”

However, things aren’t perfect there, but it seems such a realistic delightful place to live and to be.

There is a lot going on in this story, and a lot of characters, as well. However, Barbara Edema skillfully pulls it all together to create one picturesque town and one beautiful narrative.

Come and visit the town of Cherish and meet pastor Maggie and her congregation filled with fun loving and quirky townsfolk. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends To Love and to Cherish, a wonderful inspiring and faith building story.

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