Truth and The Serpent by J. Rutledge

Alt="truth and the serpent"Truth and The Serpent by J. Rutledge


What if you encountered a dark and sinister character of not so subtle reputation? One whose origins are the very meaning of temptation and sin.

What do we really know of creation, myth, and belief? There was a Man, a Woman, a Garden, and of course… a Serpent. Yet, what we have come to know as temptation, and mortal sin are only one side of the story. You see, three sinned, and three were punished, but only two were expelled from the Garden, but afterwards…what happened to the Serpent?

A present day man finds himself eye to eye with the infamous Serpent of curse and ruin. The Serpent who characteristically makes the man an offer to learn not just what happened, but why.

A tale unlike any other, where the fall of man is not weighed on a scale of good or evil, but in truth and lies. The Serpent whose intellect, sarcasm, and wit cultivates over time as he appraises the history of man and religious lore. The Serpent who is also on a journey of self-discovery to learn the meaning of that ill-fated encounter and the purpose of his own life.

Come to know the unsung story of one who lived through creation, survived the great deluge, witnessed a mass exodus, and the rise and fall of exalted kings of men. Could such a tale, as told by a forked tongue, be the end of lies, and the beginning… of the truth.


Originality at its best!

Truth and The Serpent by J. Rutledge is an outstanding novel and work of fiction that examines the creation story with an intriguing twist. In this excellent tale, the author explores a different take on creation by telling the story from the Serpent’s point of view on the whole matter. The Serpent’s interesting, and very informative narrative of his revelation and personal experience regarding the story is very different than what humanity has been taught and what we read in the bible.

This story, for religious purposes, could be viewed as a somewhat controversial read. However, the author was able to create a work of fiction, and keep it centered and easy, for both the right and left sides to enjoy.

Rutledge has created an authentic and different narrative that follows the biblical timeline. The reader accompanies the Serpent, after the Garden of Eden as he lives throughout the remarkable events recounted in the bible.

This is an invigorating tale where the story portrays the Serpent and a modern day man discussing the biblical events. It begins in the Garden of Eden, but instead of focusing on Adam and Eve, the witty Serpent recalls his own version. He talks about and believes the events that took place in the bible have formed and made humanity what it is today.

I was so impressed by the manner in which J. Rutledge was, so brilliantly, able to put such depth and detail into developing the Serpent’s character. He is fully developed and uniquely contrasting to most of the one dimensional characters we read about in books. J. Rutledge is talented, creative, and an obvious, deep thinker. Brilliant!

The aptitude of his composition and the imagery encompassing his well penned words, kept me turning the pages while envisioning the scenery.

The writing of this book is exceptional and worthy of praise. Its originality, along with the adventure the author takes the reader on is exhilarating. The storyline is so very unique and well thought out, while the language flows naturally and distinctive. The book is engaging and thrilling, and the sentences and prose roll out nicely and clearly.

With an excellent and thought provoking ending, J. Rutledge challenges the reader with intriguing ideas that are positive, inspiring and deep.
This is J. Rutledge’s first novel and it is sensational and beyond words of description.
We are anxiously anticipating his second inspirational and exciting novel.

Everything about this book is great!
Highly recommended!

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