The Curse of Arundel Hall – J. New – Book Review

Alt="the curse of arundel hall"The Curse of Arundel Hall
(A Yellow Cottage Vintage Mystery Book 2)


One ghost, one murder, one hundred years apart. But are they connected? Ella has discovered a secret room in The Yellow Cottage, but with it comes a ghost. Who was she? And how did she die? Ella needs to find the answers before either of them can find peace. But suddenly things take a nasty turn for the worse. Ella Bridges has been living on Linhay Island for several months but still hasn’t discovered the identity of her ghostly guest. Deciding to research the history of her cottage for clues she finds it is connected to Arundel Hall, the large Manor House on the bluff, and when an invitation to dinner arrives realizes it is the perfect opportunity to discover more. However the evening takes a shocking turn when one of their party is murdered. Is The Curse of Arundel Hall once again rearing its ugly head, or is there a simpler explanation? Ella suddenly finds herself involved in two mysteries at once, and again joins forces with Scotland Yard’s Police Commissioner to try and catch a killer. But will they succeed? ‘Miss Marple meets The Ghost Whisperer’ – Perfect for fans of clean reads, Cozy Mysteries and Golden Age Murder Mysteries.


Mysterious, supernatural, intriguing and quirky

The Curse of Arundel Hall is a perfect suspenseful, murder mystery story. With just the right amount of quirky, yet believable, characters and suspects, I fell in love with this fast paced smart, who done it read.

It’s an exceptionally well written murder mystery that is set in the beautiful land of England back in the Golden Age of the 1930’s. Author J. New take readers on a delightful fun trip into the past while bringing them a fabulous thrilling mystery story.

New has chosen the setting of her, Yellow Cottage Mystery Series in the 1930’s in enchanting England where she has created a charming world that is vivid and beautiful. She has done a superb job with description, perception and narrative.  I was specifically impressed with the dialog and manner in which the characters communicated.

This is a very funny read as well. With a vibrant cast of hilarious characters, which fit into the plot with precision, I felt myself drawn to each one of them in different ways.
This mystery is well crafted and the characters are believable and relatable. They are well developed, multidimensional and appealing.

New has created the perfect storm of a murder mystery. Filled with not only a murder to solve, but it also features paranormal facets that course naturally throughout the tale. It is very realistic, as far as the genre goes. Readers will follow along and enjoy the plausible supernatural aspects. There are many twists and turns, and just when I thought I had figured it out, another turn would come up, keeping me guessing. The best mysteries are those that keep you guessing, while the puzzle is coming together.

In The Curse of Arundel Hall, J. New, has brought together, many reader’s two favorite genres, mystery and the paranormal. The added attraction of the spirit world makes this read a step above the rest. If you’re looking for a clean cozy mystery that delves deep into the mystery aspect and the spirit world of the paranormal-and is filled with twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very satisfying end – then this is the book I highly recommend for you.

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