Dorothy May Mercer – Nate: The Search

by Dorothy May Mercer
Genres: Action, Contemporary, Suspense
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="dorothy may mercer"Nate: The Search by Dorothy May Mercer


A surrogate pregnancy goes horribly wrong. Terrorists concoct a weird scheme to take down a passenger plane. What happened to Sally Miller? Caught. In trouble with the FBI. Trapped. In love with the wrong man?

It has been more than twenty years since his newborn daughter was kidnapped out of the hospital nursery. Nate’s first wife never recovered from that disaster. Even though Nate healed and made a life for himself with a new family, he has never stopped looking for his firstborn.

Since then, life has treated him well. He has no reason to complain; he works hard at a very interesting, sometimes exciting and dangerous job, and takes pride in his family. Still, he sometimes wonders what happened to Sally Miller. Where is she, and what does she look like? Is she in trouble?

As the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for.”


Nate Goodrich and his wife Ethel use a surrogate to have a baby. When that baby is born, she is kidnapped. Her name is Sally Miller. Nate and Ethel grieve her loss wholeheartedly. Ethel takes it harder than Nate and she begins to fall apart and weaken. But, little do they know that Ethel also has cancer and she eventually dies.

Twenty years later, Nate is remarried with two beautiful teenage children and a wonderful wife.

Life is good for Nate, but he can never forget his first born daughter, Sally. His search for her is endless. Nate’s job is interesting and dangerous. He is a Federal Air Marshal. He works hard and is flying often for days on end.

Across the country Sally, lives her dream life as a flight attendant. But she is more than just a stewardess, she has a part time job collecting information and pictures of certain passengers. She doesn’t really like her part time job, but it pays well and it isn’t dangerous or illegal, so she thinks.

Will fate bring Nate and his kidnapped biological daughter, Sally, together?

Nate: The Search is a fast paced exciting read filled with drama, intrigue and action. The theme has to do with terrorism and it is well researched and written. Each chapter goes back and forth between the main characters and what is going on with them. Eventually their lives all collide in an incredible, devastating and climatic way.

Dorothy May Mercer has crafted an exhilarating, action packed story. The plot is well thought out and fully researched. The scenario is married with the characters flawlessly. There are plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader excited and flipping the pages quickly. Overall, it is powerful, emotional and gripping.

The characters are multidimensional and well developed. The interaction and dialog between the characters is well written, natural and realistic. The story itself is also very convincing. I loved it from beginning to end. It starts off fast and kept my attention intently throughout the whole book.

There is plenty of sentimentality, tenderness and nostalgia.

Nate: The Search has it all. It is fun, emotional and filled with elements of danger.

The ending is satisfying and fulfilling. I cried at the finish and smiled as well.

Dorothy May Mercer is an excellent writer and should be noted as so.

I’m looking forward to reading more by this very creative, credible and exceptional author, Dorothy May Mercer

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