Life’s Uncertain Journey- Nadine Davis

by G Nadine Davis
Genres: Christian, Inspirational, Nonfiction
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="life's uncertain journey"Life’s Uncertain Journey: One Woman’s Battle for Her Sanity, Her Marriage and Her Family by G. Nadine Davis


Sometimes the most inspirational stories come from the most hopeless places. In this powerful testimony, author G. Nadine Davis tells what could have been a tragic tale of her early life, which was filled with anger, rebellion, tragedy and trauma.

After being pressured into marriage at a very young age, Davis makes one bad decision after another, putting herself and her family at risk. A second marriage to a drug dealer nearly destroys her, as she battles depression, drugs, and demons. The odds seem endlessly stacked against her, and taking her own life seems like her best option. How can anyone hope to recover from such desperate circumstances?

Only God could save her from the evil that had overcome her. When He enabled her to hear His voice, a stunning transformation follows—one that brings her a fulfilling family life and ministry of hope to hurting women. As the reader follows the author on her uncertain journey, Davis provides illumination and inspiration through scripture and the many stories of God turning tragedies into triumphs.

Like Davis, you don’t have to go through life alone. Allow her story to guide you as you find God on your own path.


When Nadine Davis was a young child her mother fell ill and passed away. Their father was unable to cope with them so Nadine and her brother were taken to live with their aunt. Traumatized and hurt, Nadine’s life was off to a bad start.

At her Aunt’s house, Nadine and her younger brother, experienced emotional neglect and were last on the list of importance in the family. She tried to be strong for her brother’s sake. Being strong, despite Nadine’s hurt and resentment, became her lifelong inclination. Growing up, Nadine blamed much of her anger and bitterness on her aunt. She felt no love from her aunt or her family, mostly because of Nadine’s own pain and hatred that was growing inside her.

Her mother used to tell Nadine about God’s great unconditional love for her. Her mother had always prayed continuously for Nadine. But now Nadine wanted no part of a God that took away her mother and left her and her brother to fend for themselves.

Nadine is then pressured into a marriage that fails due to many terrible circumstances. The only good in her life were her children.

Because she was finally free of her husband, she decided she would live it up. She was a good dancer and had a great body and knew how to use the power of seduction to get what she wanted. She made bad choices and begins to lead a sinful life. Still ignoring the Lord. The devil is speaking to her and lying to her, telling her that God is angry with her and she should never pray to Him. She listens to and believes the enemy’s voice. Eventually, she winds up in a mental hospital. She was in the depths of despair and wanted to kill herself. She thought of suicide often. And, felt she was losing her sanity because of the devil’s lies.

Later on Nadine marries again. But, this time to a hardened drug dealer. She felt she was on top of the world with her own apartment and a powerful man by her side. But they became partners in crime, doing drugs and partying their lives away. Her young life was headed down a path of destruction and the devil kept lying to her, keeping her from the saving knowledge and love of God.

But then one day, she hears the voice of the Lord. Through the book of Isaiah, the Lord spoke to her and told her that he wasn’t angry with her and that He loved her unconditionally. Because He sent His Son Jesus to die for her sins, she need only repent and be saved. God’s grace was shed to her and she was never the same after that.

It has been a long journey for Nadine Davis. But she has learned the grace and redeeming power of the Lord through her faith in Jesus. Her life was literally transformed. By God’s lavish grace toward her she was delivered and set free from all her past and present addictions to sin. Nadine believes that her mother’s powerful prayers for her, before she died, is the reason why God sought her out so intensely. I believe it too.

The Lord has lead Nadine down many paths of ministry and she is now able to tell her story.

I found Life’s Uncertain Journey, to be a powerful testimony and testament to the power of the redeeming blood of Jesus and the grace and unconditional love of God, to be an awesome reminder of how great our God is.

In her story, Life’s Uncertain Journey, Nadine Davis loads the pages with the best, most beautiful, scriptures that will feed the readers soul. I felt blessed and a renewing in my own spirit as I read the pages of this phenomenal story of one woman’s pain and struggles then to salvation and deliverance. The book is so good, that I believe that a person reading it will find healing, deliverance and ultimately salvation because of the grace of God and the sacrifice of Jesus, and the way Nadine Davis presents the gospel of Christ in it.

Life’s Uncertain Journey is relatable on so many levels. I hope that G. Nadine Davis plans on writing more books. She is an exceptional writer with an important message to deliver.

Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends Life’s Uncertain Journey by G. Nadine Davis

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