The Edge of Memory by Maura Beth Brennan

by Maura Beth Brennan
Genres: Contemporary, Mystery, Romance
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt-"edge of memory"The Edge of Memory by Maura Beth Brennan

When your childhood is cut short by murder and treachery, it’s not easy to live a normal life. At the tender age of nine, Harriet witnessed her father beat her mother to death, and she holds herself partially responsible. Still haunted by half-memories, guilt, and disturbing dreams, she has constructed a solitary and joyless existence, with little room for men or romance. Facing her thirtieth birthday, she knows she must do something to change her life.

Like an omen, she meets Agnes, a rich elderly widow looking for a companion at her summer home in Maine, and the two forge a business deal. Thinking this will be like a vacation and a time to plan a better future, Harriet is shocked to discover challenges and obstacles she hadn’t anticipated. Agnes’ nephew and sole heir resents Harriet and wants her gone. And then there’s Eli, the local artisan who makes her reconsider her decision to avoid men. Can he possibly return her feelings? Soon, the nephew’s schemes, along with a heartbreaking betrayal, culminate in an event that changes her life forever. Will she fail Agnes as she failed her own mother years ago? Will she lose the man she loves? Or will she find her own strength and realize happiness at last?


At the tender impressionable young age of 9 years old, Harriet watches as her father beats her mother until she dies.

Horrified and confused, Harriet is plagued with fear and guilt that somehow she may be at fault for her mother’s death.

Some years later Harriet is, basically, psychologically damaged as she experiences tortured nightmares, flashbacks with partial memories and she carries a heavy burden of guilt and fear. She has no joy or happiness in her lonely life of solitude. She has no men or romance in her life.

By the time Harriet is thirty she realizes she needs to make some changes to overcome her past and find some sort of healing and happiness. As fate would have it Harriet meets Agnes, a wealthy elderly woman. Agnes needs a companion and asks Harriet to move in with her at her summer home in Maine.

Harriet accepts Agnes’ offer and they both agree that it will work and be good. Harriet is looking forward to her “vacation” as an adventure where she can meditate and begin to start a new life. What could be better? But little does she know what she is in for. What ensues is far more than just a nice relaxing time at a beautiful summer home. Harriet is about to experience more than she bargained for. But not all is bad. Will something good come out of this whole ordeal?

I fell in love with The Edge of Memory. It’s one of the best books, in its genre, that I have read in a long time. I literally could not put it down and my house suffered for it, as I neglected it for a couple of days and it became a mess. That’s when I know I have come across a great novel.

Author, Maura Beth Brennan brings readers a compelling read filled with mystery, excitement and romance. Harriet is a fabulous young woman. She is compassionate and filled with hope as well as fears. Women readers will relate to her as she journeys toward self-acceptance, freedom from the past, guilt, fear and ultimately healing. The romance in this story is alluring and charming.

The importance of friendship and loyalty is emphasized in this fabulous story. Which makes it endearing and beautiful.

There is a lot going on in this compelling story. It is fast paced and unpredictable. That’s one of the things that I loved about it. I didn’t know what was going to happen next but, I highly anticipated it as I quickly turned the pages.

The Edge of Memory is a psychological drama as well as a mystery, suspense and tastefully written romance story. Readers will love the plot and the twists and turns. I loved the way Maura Beth Brennan wrote the characters and their development. They are multidimensional and evolve gracefully. I found myself really caring about the main character and rooting for her with all my heart. I was very emotionally caught up in her story and journey.

In The Edge of Memory, all the descriptions are written with vivid acuteness and creativity. Everything from the scenery to the people are deliciously described and a delight for the senses.

The whole book is like a thought provoking painting.

The Edge of Memory is Maura Beth Brennan’s debut novel and it is excellent. I’m definitely looking forward to more books written by her…. And, I love the book cover-which is always a plus.

Chick lit Cafe highly recommends this compelling, beautiful and suspenseful novel by Maura Beth Brennan.

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