Florence Witkop – Shh–Don’t Tell – Book Review

by Florence Witkop
Genres: Contemporary, Inspirational, women's fiction
Format: Kindle, Paperback

Alt="florence witkop"Shh–Don’t Tell by Florence Witkop

Recently jilted, Chloe Brown is back home in Johns Falls, Minnesota, working for her aunt selling furniture and other garden paraphernalia until she can recover emotionally, after which she’ll leave.

When she discovers a family of Mallard ducks in one of the huge vases in the outdoor portion of the store, her aunt agrees to let them stay because protecting the ducks is taking her niece out of her severe depression.

Soon Chloe meets Ryan, short-term, interim manager of the Johns Falls newspaper. The two agree to support each other during this temporary, small-town stage of their lives, after which they will happily leave Johns Falls and each other. They find themselves sharing confidences, but Chloe has sworn to protect the duck family and keep them safe, so she keeps their existence a secret lest Ryan write about them in the paper, because a story could bring unwanted publicity, too many visitors, and possibly danger.

But secrets have a way of being uncovered, especially by experienced reporters.

And love isn’t temporary.


Emotionally devastated, and severely depressed after being dumped by her boyfriend, Chloe Brown moves back home to Johns Falls, Minnesota. She works with her aunt at her store selling furniture and garden supplies. She will stay there until she feels better and recovers. But then she finds a family of Mallard ducks in an extra-large vase in the back of her aunt’s shop. She takes it upon herself to take care of them and she feels better for doing so. Because Chloe is less depressed while taking care of the ducks, her aunt agrees to let the ducks stay.

Shortly thereafter Chloe meets the interim manager of the town’s newspaper, Ryan. They hit it off and decide to help each other get through their short term stay in the small charming town. They begin to become friends and tell each other their problems and confide in one another. But Chloe is busy caring for the ducks and keeping them a secret. She especially doesn’t tell Ryan about them because he may report it in the newspaper and bring unwanted attention to the special family of ducks.

Will Ryan find out about the ducks? What happens if he does? And the real question is, will Chloe and Ryan fall in love?

Shh–Don’t Tell is a heartwarming story about two people that are on a journey to discover themselves.

While on that journey they also find love. But commitment is an issue because they are both dealing with their own issues. However, their friendship is sweet and they become closely connected to one another. They help each other along the way and are both very caring people. They are down to earth and very realistic.

This is a super sweet story about friendship, kind-heartedness and love. It is a warm and tender tale about two people that are struggling to find themselves and heal from their pasts.

I found Shh–Don’t Tell to be a refreshing clean romance. I loved it and couldn’t put it down. It is a feel good book that made me smile and laugh.

Florence Witkop has created a witty charming good read. The characters are well developed, likable and relatable. The characters have a deepness to them and their emotions. I was able to connect with them and really enjoyed watching them grow and develop.

The descriptions are exceptionally delightful without being exaggerated. I reveled in the scenery and narrative.

I fully enjoyed Shh–Don’t Tell and couldn’t put it down. It’s a short satisfying read.

Florence Witkop is a fine and excellent writer. Her writing style is light and exhilarating.
I’m looking forward to reading more stories composed by her.

I recommend Shh–Don’ Tell to all women that love an endearing, light hearted, feel good read.
5 Stars

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