by Gail Siler PhD
Genres: Inspirational, Nonfiction, Self Help
Format: Hard Cover, Kindle, Paperback

Book 1 of the Godmother Chronicles


Haunted by an urgent voice she hears each time Gail reads a book by author Carlos Castaneda, renowned anthropologist, shaman, and TIME magazine Man of the Year, her attempts to reach him catapult her into a strange world of shamans, ancient beings, invisible teachers, and guardian monarch butterflies.

Thrust into an unknown world she is taken from the safety of her everyday life into a radiant landscape where true power lives. Introduced to an ancient couple who have lived and loved beyond time itself and guided by her two invisible female teachers, and David, Castaneda’s apprentice, Gail offers up her heart to become a co-conspirator with them in an unbelievable task. By helping the ancient couple keep their death-bed promise made eons ago, Gail acquires the key to humanity’s own resurrection.


Decoding the Butterfly Promise is a well written and exciting multilevel nonfiction book that invites the reader to come along with Gail on her unusual journey to deliver her message to author Castaneda. Or so she thinks when she starts out. What really happens is Gail is exposed to life on the other side of the safe box we live in.

She begins her journey as a mild mannered social scientist. But a fateful telephone call to Castaneda’s apprentice, David, pushes her out of her cozy academic world into an unusual but equally real world where flirting butterflies, native shamans, and invisible multidimensional teachers live.

At a key point in her journey she makes contact with the Empress of the Universe, as well as humanity’s godmother herself, known as Butterfly Woman. Under the mentorship of David (visible in our world) and her two invisible female guides who are equally as real as David but can’t be seen by humans, (just cats and dogs), Gail is pushed and prodded forward into a multidimensional world.

There were times while I read this book that I wanted it to be fiction. The unusual and seemingly “unreal’ things that happened to Gail made me nervous to believe things like this really exist in our world. At other times, I wanted to cry or cheer for Butterfly Woman and her unbelievable courage. I simply fell in love with the enigmatic David right along with Gail. And I loved that real live Monarch Butterfly who kept coming to Gail, even if it was a bit naughty at times.

Gail Siler skillfully weaves three themes throughout the book. The main theme is her journey to find Castaneda and how her life changes upon meeting his apprentice David. Just when she thinks she’s done, the Empress of the Universe urges her to journey backwards to her earlier life experiences. Only later does she understand this was to show her how humans all repeat different aspects of the life story of our godparents until we awaken to who we truly are and break free of this cycle.

At last Gail Siler hits pay dirt. She has rebuilt her energy level high enough that she is able to access the ancient records. She uncovers the true story of what really happened to our godparents and how it has been hidden through lies and deceit or misrepresented in humanity’s ancient records. She also reveals the depraved entity that ‘broke’ our godparents and injured all humanity in the process. She learns what the promise is that our godparents made to each other (the butterfly promise) and how it is also a promise we are offered.

If you are a person who likes to read a simple story line, don’t be surprised that you can’t do this in Gail’s book. She explains in the preface she is purposefully using the process of meandering which is more like her code word for pushing the reader into their right brain and backing off their left brain. True to her word she flashes forward and back and reflects along the way. Don’t worry because she skillfully brings it all together and makes sense of everything in the last section of the book. My recommendation is to step into the book and then relax and enjoy this amazing true story of her journey.

This is a brilliant, inspiring, transformational journey that takes the reader into the multidimensional world. If you don’t know much about the multidimensional world, you will when you finish reading the book.

Decoding the Butterfly Promise is well written and composed with little to no editing errors. I was held captive from the beginning to the fulfilling end. It is beautiful, original and inspiring.

Decoding the Butterfly Promise is a fascinating book written by an excellent writer who shows us there is more to life than what we think. She introduces readers to a multidimensional realm and invites us to participate in it along with her. More importantly, she passes along the message of Butterfly Woman who calls on each human to awaken herself or himself to this greater reality. The author invites you to venture out and seek your own higher connections beyond what you have always thought impossible.


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