Leli Jane Golding – Shhh…The Universe Is Talking, Are You Listening?

by Leli Jane Golding
Genres: Inspirational, Spiritual
Format: Kindle

Alt="Leli Jane Golding"Shhh…The Universe Is Talking, Are You Listening? by Leli Jane Golding


Have you lost yourself in the game of life? Do you ask, Who am I? Where am I heading? Why am I not fulfilled? Perhaps you need to tune in to yourself and ask for guidance.

This book will help you look at life in a new way. I wrote this based on the synchronistic events and coincidences that have shaped my own experiences. I have been shown the universal language of life in many forms – words, songs, numbers, intuitive nudges, and a whole lot more. I’d like to share my story with you.

This book will help you find yourself and find meaning in your life. A true account of synchronicity and coincidences led Leli-Jane Golding onto her path as a spiritual teacher and energy healer. She found her gift at an early age after witnessing a healing miracle through her mother. After going down many wrong paths, she awoke to her calling and has never looked back. Leli-Jane Golding is a Theta Healer and an Ascet-trained teacher, public speaker, and coach.

In 20 years, she has worked with 10.000 people from all over the globe and witnessed their transformations. This has inspired her to do as much as she can to shift global consciousness and help people realize that their potential is in their own hands.

-Learn how to tap into your true potential.
-Awaken your soul and passion.
-Develop and follow your intuition.
-10 signs you are following your path.
-8 signs you are not following your path.
-8 habits to help you break through on your intuitive knowing.
-Tips on Meditation to tap into your Power source.
-Listen to the body’s wisdom.


Shhh… The Universe is Talking, Are You Listening by Leli Jane Golding is a refreshing new look at living life to its fullest. To regaining a hold on your life’s purpose. To realize your true self and to create abundance and peace. To releasing yourself from the past and living to your full potential. To empower yourself through self-realization. It’s about changing your beliefs and living without pain. It’s about empowering yourself on the inside and on the outside. It’s about listening to the universe, and experiencing a spiritual shift.

Through her own experiences, Leli Jane Golding guides readers and shows them how to make these changes through a series of tips and exercises that they can easily do in order to hear what the universe is saying to each individual. She explains that she was influenced by her own awareness as to how things like nature, numbers, words, animals, music, and subconscious inklings and signs, can send ideas and clues that point to a more plentiful, joyous life.

Leli Jane Golding is passionate about spiritual and personal growth and helping others to find what she has found. She is also an energy healer, a mentor and a public speaker. She gives readers a glimpse into her own true life story and the things she learned by listening to what the universe, with all its components including coincidences and synchronicities, has to say. She states that all these things working together are the key. But you must pay attention and meditate. She states that the universe is a magical benevolent force that wants to help people live fulfilling lives and to learn as they go forward on their enlightened journey.

I loved this book. It is an interesting powerful book full of knowledge, ideas and practical solutions to gaining insight and living a more joyous life.  I experienced a new awakening while reading her book. I felt enlightened and more lighthearted. It certainly gave me a sense of deep peace. I came away feeling like I am capable of much more than I thought. I feel more empowered.

Everyone should read Shhh…The Universe is Talking, Are You Listening?

It’s a phenomenal life changing read

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