Kat Michels – In a Time Never Known

by Kat Michels
Genres: Espionage, Historical Fiction, Romance
Format: Hard Cover, Kindle, Paperback

Alt="kat michels"In a Time Never Known by Kat Michels


Wife, mother, spy. Anna is hiding a dangerous secret from her family, especially her Confederate General husband. However, it is not her covert work for the Union that she finds the most daunting, it is dealing with her spoiled Southern belle daughter. When Kady discovers that her mother has been leading a carefully constructed double life, she must choose whether to work by her mother’s side in the shadows or return to the pampered life of a Southern planter’s daughter.

Cast into the bloody fray of one of the deadliest wars in our history, In a Time Never Known is the story of women who courageously defy the expectations of the era to do unprecedented things, altering the course of American history and their own lives.


Anna has volunteered to be a spy during the time of the Civil War. She is keeping the secret from her husband and daughter. When her daughter, Kady, a true Southern belle, finds out about her mother’s life of espionage, she must make a decision whether to stay by her mother’s side or return to her coddled life as a Southern planter’s daughter. She must choose sides between her Confederate general father and her mother with whom she has trouble getting along with.

In a time when women were unable to have a voice, this is the story of how many of them were cast into a world of war and espionage and bravely went forth to do revolutionary things which changed the course of their lives and the course of American history. In a Time Never Known is a fabulous, engaging, heart moving read.

Set in the time of the Civil War, In a Time never Known, is a work of exquisite art. Combining many plot lines Kat Michels has penned an interesting, enthralling read. There is excitement and tension with the many characters that all have a defined place in this exciting story. There is a lot going on in this narrative; war, espionage, romance, slavery, rape, murder, and sex. Combined it makes for one engaging, page turning read.

In a Time Never Known has been thoroughly and completely researched by author Kat Michels. Readers will get a history lesson while being completely entertained.

It’s a captivating, rather long, novel that I couldn’t put down. I read fast from start to finish to see what was going to happen next. The words flow off the page as Kat Michels has constructed a marvelous and dangerous spy story. She shows what women did in the time of the war era and their importance in altering the course of history. It’s a really phenomenal novel with all the components that a great history, war, espionage, and romance genre book needs.

The major characters are well developed and multidimensional with interesting and captivating personalities. The minor characters add to the story nicely and give it more fullness and interest.

In a Time Never Known readers will be cast into an arena of emotion, from, happiness to sadness, rage, hope and more. I loved this book and felt I was a part of the story because the descriptions are wonderful and vivid. A real delight for the senses and imaginary sight.

Kat Michels is an exceptional writer and I am looking forward to reading more by her.

Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends In a Time Never Known by Kat Michels.

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